‘Ask Evan’: “Do deer repellents work to avoid crashes with cars?”

This week's 'Ask Evan' question deals with deer repellents.  Maddie W asks, "I've seen warning signs about higher risks of deer collisions.  Do you know if deer whistles and ultrasonic-typs repellents really work?"

I reached out to folks with the Pennsylvania Game Commission for an answer.  They say they can't speak with any real authority or evidence as to whether deer repellent devices actually work.

They do, however, advise drivers to rely on their own careful driving-- and not a manufactured device, to help avoid deer-vehicle collisions.  Some accidents simply cannot be prevented-- but the Game Commission says motorists who recognize the potential to encounter deer on roads are at an advantage in avoiding collisions.

Deer move and cross roads most frequently at dusk and dawn.  They are typically moving from bedding areas to feeding areas, and vice versa.  The biggest uptick of deer collisions happens in late October through mid-November when deer increasingly move in relation to the whitetail`s breeding season.

At night, the eye of a deer will reflect as green and you should watch for that, particularly along the road`s shoulder.  If a deer crosses the road in front of you, keep in mind that they often travel in groups, so another might be behind it.

As for the repellent devices-- the sound they make --may scare the deer and make it change directions away from your car-- or it may not.

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