Lebanon County couple scammed out of $17K after they were told they won millions from Nevada Lottery Sweepstakes

LEBANON COUNTY, Pa. — A couple in Lebanon County was scammed out of $17,087 after they were told they had won $3.5 million, police say.

The couple reported to police on November 4 that they lost the amount in a scam that began October 29 when they received a call from someone who claimed to be with the Nevada Lottery Sweepstakes.

The caller advised that they won $3.5 million and in order to receive the winnings, the couple needed to send $2,033, a $500 money gram and a $45 gift card to the US Treasury Department in Winchester, Tennessee, according to police.

Police say the victims were further instructed that the Prize Patrol was on the way to their residence with the winnings if they would send an additional $14,500.00 to an address in Hartford, Connecticut.

The couple told police that after they sent the money, the Prize Patrol never arrived.

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