Near-record low temperatures tonight with bitterly cold wind chills through early Wednesday!

NEAR-RECORD LOW TEMPS: Get ready for a frigid night as temperatures crash into the low 20s under clearing skies and calming winds. A strong cold front crossed through earlier today putting an end to the wet weather. Persistent northwesterly flow will keep the potential for flurries to linger through the day, but should let up tonight. How quickly winds calm down tonight will determine whether we make it down to that record low temperature of 21 degrees set back in 1911. Temperatures on Wednesday will likely be just as cold as what we’re dealing with today, except a bit more in the way of sunshine. High pressure will be nosing in briefly and that will likely clear the clouds and bring back some brighter weather!

FRIGID WIND CHILLS: The next 24 hours will be nothing short of downright cold by temperature standards and by wind chills! With temperatures plummeting into the low 20s tonight, even a light breeze will bring wind chills into the teens! Be sure to bundle up if you’re heading out anywhere this evening and especially for the morning commute on Wednesday. The warmest it will feel tomorrow is in the upper 20s, whereas temperatures will only get into the mid 30s for highs. Sunshine will definitely feel nice combined with the calmer winds, but it is still brutally cold for this time of year!

WARMING UP FRIDAY: Temperatures through the next 5 days will be around 10-15 degrees below average for this time of year, but at least there is somewhat of a warming trend evident through Friday. Temperatures will climb back into the mid 40s on Thursday, although a bit more cloud cover is likely. A cold front will cross through late Friday to end the week, but southwesterly flow on Friday will mean a chance for warmer temperatures. The front that crosses through will be dry and temperatures will cool off again as we head into the weekend. Easterly flow will set up with a coastal low nearby that will keep us feeling chilly, cloudy, and dreary this weekend — especially on Sunday.

Stay “Weather Smart” with the Fox 43 Weather Team all week long!

Have a great day!

– Chief Meteorologist MaryEllen Pann

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