“I wish I was allowed to shoot one person every year,” Teacher suspended after allegedly threatening to shoot student

HARRISBURG -- A teacher at Camp Curtin Academy has been suspended as authorities investigate a threat allegedly made by the teacher toward students, according to Chris Celmer, Harrisburg School District's Chief Operating Officer and Acting Assistant Superintendent.

The threat was allegedly captured on cell phone video Wednesday and posted to Facebook. The woman who posted it on social media claims the person in the recording is a seventh grade teacher who, in the video, reportedly says that if he could shoot one student that the class would be quiet for the rest of the year because they would know he wasn't kidding.

In a post on the school district's website, Celmer said authorities were immediately notified and the teacher was suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.

"We are extremely concerned by what appears to be highly inappropriate and inexcusable judgement on the part of this teacher in comments made to the class, Celmer wrote. "We do not in any way condone any verbal threats toward any of our students."

He added, "To be clear, we will not tolerate threatening behavior by our staff."

The post concluded with Celmer writing, "We believe that our classroom teachers are caring, conscientious educators who work to create inclusive and safe classroom environments. Above all else, the safety and welfare of our students is most important. Rest assured that we will be meeting with faculty and staff to review appropriate classroom management and expectations."

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