Man charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault following three incidents in York area

YORK — A 25-year-old man faces a slew of charges, including attempted homicide and aggravated assault, following three incidents in the York area.

An officer was heading north in the 1100 block of Pennsylvania Avenue at 1:51 p.m. Wednesday when he saw an oncoming vehicle flashing its high beams repeatedly.

Police say the officer stopped and was advised by an individual that a man wearing a mask had just pointed a gun at him. The victim told police that the man followed him in a vehicle and when he pulled into his driveway, the man started to raise a handgun, which led to the victim driving through his yard to get away.

The victim added that the vehicle was a silver two-door coupe.

The officer told the victim to stay put as he was going to check his residence for the suspect. At that point, the officer got a shots fired call in the 1200 block of Roosevelt Avenue. The officer responded and found another vehicle parked on Marbrook Lane as well as a shell casing on the roadway and a bullet hole in the vehicle.

Police spoke with the victim who advised that he exited his vehicle as he was returning to work when a silver coupe pulled up next to him. Police say the man gave the victim the middle finger and fired three rounds at him — the officer observed a hole in the right side of the person’s hooded sweatshirt and t-shirt. At that point, the victim dove to the ground and crawled to the passenger side of his vehicle for cover.

The officer left the scene and was driving back to police headquarters when — at 2:38 p.m. — he saw a disorderly subject call come up at a business in the 300 block of North Main Street; there was a man that stated he was acting strange and stated he had a gun, according to police.

The officer arrived at the business, where a sergeant was on scene when the suspect, identified as Maurice Pugh, arrived in a silver Toyota Celica.

Pugh reportedly told police he had a gun on him and the sergeant retrieved it from him.

There was also a camouflage face mask and gloves in the vehicle, which the victims described the suspect had.

During an interview with police, Pugh reportedly said that he was driving the Toyota around but couldn’t recall the places he was at. He also reportedly said that he fired his handgun at someone while driving.

Aside from attempted homicide and aggravated assault, Pugh has been charged with simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and firearms not to be carried without a license, court documents show.

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