Proposals aim to increase the minimum wage in Pennsylvania

The debate over the minimum wage is about to take center stage again in Pennsylvania. Multiple bills have been proposed to tackle the issue.

The minimum wage currently stands at $7.25.

Different proposals introduced by lawmakers call for wages to be raised to $9.50 or even $12, with further increases in the future.

The proposals follow Governor Tom Wolf's call earlier this year to raise the minimum wage to $12 with gradual increases that would reach $15 by 2025.

House Republican Spokesman, Mike Straub, said this about the debate over raising the minimum wage, "The administration has made the minimum wage a key issue and continues to do so. We have remained involved in discussions, and our priority remains finding pathways for Pennsylvanians to earn far beyond the minimum.”

Jennifer Wintermyer of Tri County Community Action, a group whose goal is to eliminate poverty, told FOX 43 lawmakers need to be careful that the wage hike does not have unintended consequences.

She said, many people impacted are currently depending on safety net services such as rental and child subsidies and food stamps. Further income she said, could make them no longer qualified to receive those services. And, if that happens, she said, many people may lose more than what they've gained.

"Now your wages go up, but you lost more assistance than what the wages went up," she said.

Read just 2 of the proposals that would raise minimum wage:

Senate Bill 12

House Bill 405

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