Lancaster man was justified in using deadly force during attempted robbery in Harrisburg

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. — A Lancaster man will only face a charge of carrying a firearm without a license after shooting and killing another individual in Harrisburg last month, according to the Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office.

The state concluded that 19-year-old Raymond Bosque was justified in using deadly force when he shot 24-year-old Baith House several times at a home in the 2100 block of Penn Street on October 27.

The DA’s Office said Bosque shot House when he was being assaulted by him and 18-year-old Jordan Gregory.

Bosque met the two at the residence to purchase two pounds of marijuana that evening. When they went downstairs to the basement, House and Gregory attempted to rob him and assaulted him. The DA’s Office said Bosque fired at House in an attempt to fend off his attackers.

House was struck five times in the upper body and arms, fled upstairs and collapsed on the living room floor while Bosque and Gregory engaged in a fight. The DA’s Office said Gregory grabbed Bosque’s firearm and attempted to fire it toward him but he couldn’t since it was empty.

Bosque then fled the basement and residence, and drove back to Lancaster.

House was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“In the present case, Bosque, who is approximately 5’10’’ and 120 pounds, was the victim of a surprise attack and was robbed by two individuals in their dimly lit and dirty basement,” the DA’s Office wrote in a CrimeWatch post. “The Commonwealth believes that both Gregory and House planned the robbery and targeted Bosque because of his small stature and his lack of street smarts. The Commonwealth concluded that Bosque reasonably believed that deadly force was necessary under the circumstances that existed.”

Gregory has been charged with robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, aggravated assault and lesser related offenses, court documents show.

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