Nebraska woman attacked by deer

Mary Brumbagh was doing chores in her yard when out of nowhere she was pinned down on the ground, trying to defend herself as a mule deer attacked the 68 year old, repeatedly butting her with its antlers.

“just came out of nowhere. really didn’t have time to react.”

Her brother, John Pope, says the deer attacked Tuesday night. Doctors transferred her to a Lincoln Hospital where she’s recovering from severe injuries.

“Those wounds are really sharp and they can really get deep down in the skin. You’re not just a blunt instrument.”

Nebraska Dame and Parks Big Game Program Manager Luke Medina says now during mating season bucks are typically more hostile. They act aggressively towards each other and can treat a human the same way.

But attacks like this are not normal and are exceedingly rare nationwide.

“It happens, you know, just a few times each year.”

A Conservation Officer shot the buck, which showed no fear of him. The University of Nebraska -Lincoln Veterinary Diagnostic Center performed a necropsy of the deer, which tested negative for rabies.

Brumbagh has been through one surgery and is scheduled for another.


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