Auditor general to provide update on audit of Harrisburg School District on Monday

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- State Auditor General Eugene DePasquale will be giving an update on his departments audit of the Harrisburg School District, on Monday.

The update comes two months after his last one back in September, however DePasquale first introduced the audit back in June.

The Harrisburg School District has struggled with administrative and financial issues -- including millions of dollars in errors discovered within their budget.

At the most recent update in September, DePasquale said the district was already showing signs of improvement in several areas since it started in June, implementing a number of recommendations.

"The team in Harrisburg is being very cooperative and very forthcoming, and has the right approach as we try to put the Harrisburg district back on track," said DePasquale.

Improvements include closely monitoring overtime, payroll, and leave time -- eliminating travel advances an also requiring documentation for expenses. These are just the first few changes the district will make over the next several years.

DePasquale is expected to give his update at 11:00 a.m., at Foose Elementary School in Harrisburg.

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