Wellspan patient graduates nurse homecare program

YORK, Pa. - A York woman lost her ability to walk, talk, and even remember her kids after an accident at work over the summer, but now she's recovering thanks to the help of some medical professionals with Wellspan Health.

31-year-old Jeanette Garcia-Diaz became immobile after a workplace accident and couldn't even get out of bed, let alone work or take care of her kids.

"From Monday to Friday someone had eyes on her from the beginning," Suzanne Pauley, a medical social worker at Wellspan, said.

Pauley is one of Jeanette's nurses. As part of Wellspan's Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) homecare, they come to her.

"I just felt like I needed to go above and beyond to make sure she got the care that she needed, and the advocacy that she needed," Pauley said.

In June, Jeanette was injured after a pallet fell on her head at the warehouse she was working at. She needed physical, occupational, and speech therapy. She also had to learn to walk and talk all over again, and re-learn who her kids are.

"When I found out she had children, small children, that broke me," Pauley said. "Because, as a mom, not being able to take care of your kids - that was something that - just broke my heart."

But Jeannette's has come a long way by doing things she never thought possible. Her social worker, doubling as a friend, and translator.

"Although it was painful and complicated," Jeanette said. "Little by little the time has gone past and I've been able to do things easier."

It's progress Jeanette's mom, whose been looking after her kids, couldn't be more grateful for.

"Wellspan, it's because of them, we are where we're at," her mom said. "The progress Jeanette has made, to the level she is at now is extraordinary."

The next step is outpatient care. Monday is Jeanette's last in-home therapy session. And while Jeanette's doctors aren't sure what things will look like long term, the end goal is to have her kids back under her care full time.

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