Local police increasing DUI enforcement plans in Lancaster County

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. – Local police are increasing DUI enforcement plans throughout the holiday period, beginning Wednesday and extending through the weekend, according to the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office.

The DA’s Office say at least one stationary checkpoint is planned at a location in Lancaster County and roving patrols are planned for the entire holiday period.

The enforcement is being conducted by State Police and the Lancaster County DUI Task Force in conjunction with the DA’s Office.

“DUI is not limited to drinking and driving, and the police focus and response reflects that,” said First Assistant District Attorney Travis Anderson. “All drug-related DUI convictions carry a mandatory prison term.”

District Attorney Craig Stedman added, “Think of the risk attached to impaired driving, compared to the convenience of calling a taxi, ride-share service or a friend to drive you home. Do the smart and easy thing, so everyone stays safe.”

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