Plate Patrol packs ‘blessings’ for families in need this Thanksgiving

115 Turkeys, 12 family-sized pans of spanish rice, mac and cheese and two skids of drinks.

Chief Michael Muldrow admits, it's a "boatload" of food. But, he hopes it will allow nearly 1,000 families to feast this Thanksgiving.

Muldrow is the self-proclaimed dispatcher of the 'Plate Patrol' operation. He works for school police in the district of the city of York. His army of volunteers include students, other police departments and social workers who woke up early Thanksgiving morning and who plan to work until the food runs out.

"We've broken down into our cooking team that's working in the back. Our cutting team, prepping team, that's working out here. And then, everybody likes to get involved in the deliveries," said Muldrow.

Rayven Dickson is a senior at William Penn Senior High School who plans to pursue a degree at York College in communications.

But today, she's helping to pack up drinks and food into boxes.

"It feels good to help people that are less fortunate and you don't have to get something in return to feel that happiness, that kindness," said Dickson.

Trey Bernstein is among the crew ready to take the food out to the people waiting for a hot meal. He's pursing a career in law enforcement, as part of a public safety law enforcement class.

During this specific trip, he is delivery multiple meals to the YMCA in York.

"We have 20 turkeys and everything. We have dessert and we have drinks. And, we're going to take them in there. We're going to bless everybody and feed them and make sure they have a great Thanksgiving," said Bernstein.

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