Dangerous ice storm likely to create travel headaches Sunday, plus more winter weather possible Monday!

COLD NIGHT AHEAD: High pressure will nose in tonight, clearing our skies and calming the winds. As these ingredients come together, Mother Nature will create the perfect night for temperatures to cool rapidly. We will likely fall into the mid to upper 20s tonight, making for a cold night ahead! Saturday morning will likely start on a bright and sunny note, but with our next system approaching, the clouds will build back in during the afternoon hours. We should still get ample time to at least break into the 40s for highs on Saturday. It will be a below average day as far as temperatures go, but a calm start to the weekend. Then we will be tracking two days of wintry weather both Sunday and Monday.

HAZARDOUS TRAVEL SUNDAY: A dangerous winter storm will likely impact the area Sunday and Monday. A strong area of high pressure in Canada will be funneling in cold temperatures at the surface, but a warm front with this system will be trying to warm the air just above the surface. This kind of set up will create an environment that is perfect for freezing rain. The precipitation will be falling as rain with temperatures above freezing through most of the atmosphere, but freeze on contact at the surface with temperatures likely to be just below or hanging right around the freezing mark. The first of the icy mix will more in around 2-3 AM Saturday night into Sunday and stay with us through the morning hours of Sunday. A transition to rain will eventually occur, likely late morning on Sunday and we’ll see rain for the rest of the day to end the weekend. Keep in mind, it doesn’t take much freezing rain to cause travel headaches and we’ll be seeing it for hours. This will like create major issues on the roads with everyone who is traveling back home from the holidays.

SNOW POTENTIAL MONDAY: On the back end of the storm, we could potentially see some snow and maybe even accumulating snow on Monday. As the wave of low pressure moves eastward over us, it will eventually move offshore and start to strengthen as a coastal system. Northwesterly flow on the backside of the storm will allow the colder temperatures to funnel in again. The question that remains is regarding a second system that will be developing over the Great Lakes. Typically when this happens, the two systems interact and one takes over the other. During this time, our area would likely see drier air while that takeover occurs. A rain/snow mix to entirely snow is still likely, but if this scenario plays out we would likely see only a dusting or a coating. More significant totals are expected further east and northeast.

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Have a great day!

– Meteorologist Jessica Pash

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