Shoppers spend big for small business Saturday

It's Saturday afternoon in downtown York and shoppers are still packing shops.

It's a sight business owners were hoping to see the day after Black Friday.

Co-owner Amanda Axe of Cherie Ann admits small business Saturday is "huge" for her stores bottom line.

The owner of the shop next door, Rebecca Wattenschaidt agrees when it comes to her business Elizabeth & West Fashion House. "Hands down, busiest day of the year," she said, adding that she opened the shop two hours early.

Many of the shops offered sales and freebie perks to people who made their way to small businesses, including tote bags that read 'shop small.'

The shop owners realize, they're competing with big box stores and online retailers with big discounts.

But Axe said, "we can help customers find something a little more unique, a little more special and different than what they can buy on Amazon."

The US Small Business Association estimated last there there were one million small businesses in Pennsylvania, employing 2.5 million people.

Experts estimate for every dollar spent at a small business, nearly 67 cents stays in the local economy.

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