‘Ask Evan’: “Are ticks still active during the winter months?”

This week's 'Ask Evan' question has to do with ticks.   Joey W asks, "I recently found several ticks on me after spending time outside. Will the colder winter months kill them off, or do I need to worry about ticks year round?"

The simple fact is, yes, ticks are around throughout the year.  While the numbers are much higher during the warmer weather months of summer, ticks can be on the move all 12 months of the year.

Some scientists estimate that about 20 percent of ticks will die during the cold weather months.  However, the reality is-- ticks are "hard-wired to survive."  They can bury deep into leaves in the winter and they will even dry out their bodies to withstand colder temperatures.  Some types of ticks can be active if the air temperature is above 45 degrees, and if the ground is not wet or icy.

During the winter if air temperatures rise above 35° f, you should take precautions to avoid tick bites, just as you do in summer months.  Use a tick repellent or bug spray with DEET on exposed skin.

Keep in mind that pets that go outdoors can carry ticks back home, too-- so check them.  Homeowners should also be aware that ticks could hitch a ride indoors on firewood, especially if it has been stacked outside in the vicinity of deer, mice and other rodents.  Once inside the home-- ticks can survive for months in carpets, walls, wooden floors or in tiny crevices before requiring their next blood meal.

So, don't let your guard down. If you've been outside take precautions and when you come in for the day take a shower and thoroughly check your entire body.

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