LANCASTER COUNTY -- A firefighter with the Manheim Fire Department was reunited with the 5-year-old boy he helped soothe after a school bus accident last month Monday.

When he and other members of his fire department were assisting at the scene of the Nov. 22 crash, Lt. Andy Kirchner noticed Jojo Colon was in distress, resisting attempts to get him to an ambulance to be checked.

"Once the ambulance arrived, there's Jojo kinda off with the medic," Kirchner said. "He was just going around in circles with her. When she was holding his hand, he didn't want to go where she wanted to lead him."

Kirchner went over to try and console him, using distractions and getting on his level. That's when the viral picture was snapped by Assistant Fire Chief Duane Ober. Kirchner took the boy a few yards away from the scene and knelt in front of him, pointing out different vehicles and chatting with the boy until he calmed down.