Understanding both sides of the medical marijuana case

HARRISBURG - The State Supreme Court is expected to receive briefs - or written arguments - from Lebanon County and the ACLU of Pennsylvania. The briefs in the medical marijuana case were supposed to be submitted today, however, an extension was granted to January 8th.

The position of the Lebanon County Probation Services is clear based on court documents. They do not permit the active use of medical marijuana, regardless of whether the defendant has a medical marijuana card, while the individual is under supervision by the Lebanon County Probation Services Department. The county allows offenders a 30 day window to stop using medical marijuana. The County`s parameters for use state that offenders may continue to use CBD oil derived from a hemp plant, but may not use CBD oil derived from a marijuana plant. It also adds that these rules apply to probation department employees in addition to all offenders under the direct supervision of Lebanon County Probation Services.

On the other hand, the ACLU of Pennsylvania argues a simple point; they believe the plain language written in the Medical Marijuana Act is written to protect all medical marijuana patients. Adding, that also applies to those on probation.

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