Customers could soon buy more ‘wine to go’ at grocery & convenience stores

Wine lovers, listen up.

A bill heading to the House of Representatives for a vote could allow customers to buy more wine in one transaction when they're buying outside a state store.

House Bill 1279 is aimed at establishments who fall under Act 39, which was passed in 2016. Act 39 allowed retailers who possess a restaurant or hotel liquor license to obtain a wine expanded permit to sell up to 3,000 milliliters. Three thousand milliliters equals about 4 small bottles of wine, 2 large bottles of wine, or one box of wine.

The proposed House Bill 1279 would raise that limit to 9,000 milliliters, which would equal 12 small bottles, 6 large bottles, or three boxes of wine.

"One complaint I hear with regularity is that consumers must abide by an artificial, statutory limit of 3,000 milliliters of wine in a single purchase. That equals 4 typical bottles of wine (750ml); 2 larger format bottles (1.5L); or a single box of wine (3L). So, if a consumer finds a great deal on a wine they like or are purchasing wine for a weekend get together with friends and family, this artificial cap compels them to make two or more trips to purchase their wine," said Rep. Natalie Mihalek of Allegheny County, who introduced the bill.

See all establishments with active wine permits.

One of the locations that falls under Act 39, is the Giant in York Township, which just expanded its store to sell alcohol this year. Beer lead & employee Megan McAlexander said, many customers enjoy the one-stop shopping experience at the grocery store.

"With the holiday season, you do tend to come in for holiday parties and you would like to buy more," said McAlexander. But, she said, "We do have to adhere to what the law states."

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