Daughter of York double-homicide victim: ‘There is nothing that can prepare you for this kind of pain’

YORK, Pa. -- We’re learning new information about a double homicide in York.

38-year-old Levar Fountain of York is charged with criminal homicide.

During an interview with investigators Saturday night, police say Fountain admitted to killing his father John and his stepmother Mary Fountain.

Monday afternoon, John Fountain's daughter Sheena sat down with Grace Griffaton; they talked about Fountain's father and what happened.

Sheena Fountain told us that her brother Levar Fountain suffers from mental illness and told police Saturday night he hadn’t been taking his medicine.

Sheena Fountain says the pain she feels right now is indescribable.

"I lost my father, and I lost my stepmother, and I'm hurting, but the truth of the matter is, he's sick," said Sheena Fountain.

Sheena Fountain says she is in no way making excuses for her brother.

"What he did was awful. This is a conversation where we really need to get into mental health because it's something that I feel like is not talked about enough," said Sheena Fountain.

Police say the accused told them he suffers from schizophrenia. Court documents state Fountain said he hadn’t taken his medicine in days.

Sheena says she wishes there were more resources for people who need to talk about their state of mind. She also says the process of trying to receive help is too complicated.

"There is no book. There is no psychiatrist. There is nothing that can prepare you for this kind of pain," said Sheena Fountain.

According to court documents, Fountain used a sword, which police found at the couple's home.

Fountain also told investigators he killed the couple’s pets as they were "known as God but spelled backwards" which made them "lower class dragons" that needed to be killed.

Police say he brought the victims' bodies to the basement and covered them with a sheet.

Fountain stayed in the house for three days before family realized something wasn't right.

Investigators say he also put a note on the door which states the victims moved to Florida.

"God has placed remorse in my heart for him because I know that he was sick. I know his mental state is not healthy, but I don't know if I could ever face him again," said Sheena Fountain.

Fountain shared some favorite memories of her father and stepmother with FOX43 -- photos from past holidays and loving words from her father.

“You're my daughter. You can never burden me, and if you ever needed something, you let us know because that's what family does, and that's just who he was. His heart was pure," stated Fountain.

Sheena describes her dad as a main of faith and a leader at multiple religious organizations in York.

"I know it sounds crazy, but I still have joy because he knew Jesus, and I know that I will see him again. My job now is to live right so when it's my time I'll be able to see him," she said.

Sheena said God is giving her the strength to make it through this trying time. Sheena believes she needs to stay strong and be there for her kids.

Levar Fountain sits at York County Prison without bail.

If people would like to support the family, they should contact Sheena at Sheena.sf23@gmail.com.

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