New year, new you: New Year’s resolutions

YORK, Pa. — Enjoy all the rich food at your New Year's Eve party, because the new year starting tomorrow is the start of New Year's resolutions.  For many of us, that resolution is to eat healthier and get in shape.

"They just need to make a change in their life. To improve, diet," said Kellum Dietz, front desk supervisor at Crunch Fitness - York. "Everyone wants to look better."

No matter what your age, it's never too late to work on bettering yourself. Crunch Fitness in York sees a surge of new members this time of year.

"This New Year's particularly is the start of a new decade," Dietz said. "But always with a new year, out with the old, in with the new. It's just a defining time you can look at on a calendar and just pinpoint this is when you're going to start fresh."

Even people who already go the gym can take the jump to the next level of fitness, like 20-year-old Josh Stewart, who wants to gain 15 pounds of muscle this year.  To reach his goal, he's adding some cardio to his workout.

"I've only been jumping rope a week now, but I kind of like it," Stewart said. "It's really nice on my body."

It's not always easy keeping a resolution day after day, but studies show repetition helps form new healthy habits.

"You have the 21-day rule, where if you start a new thing for 21 days you create a new habit," Dietz said.

Most people actually need more than 21 days to develop new habits, but you can do things to keep yourself on track.

"Going to a gym versus home, you're motivated to get out of the house," Stewart said. "You're motivated to get here. You want to work harder to improve yourself."

Come tomorrow the holiday season will officially be over. But your 2020 journey is just beginning.

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