Booze brings new fun to the PA Farm Show

HARRISBURG - Adults 21 and older, rejoice! You can now get beer samples and hard ciders at the PA Farm Show.

The two new attractions have become an extremely popular crowd-pleaser, with lines growing by the minute. Show goers can sample beers made by breweries from across the state, and from places they might not typically visit. You can also purchase hard cider. Both stands can be found in the main hall at the Farm Show. Shannon Powers of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture says next year breweries will be allowed to sell beer at the show, in addition to cider.

Beer isn`t the only spirit being celebrated this week at the Farm Show. Over the weekend, the best wineries from across the state competed to take home the award for the best wine. Two Dauphin County wineries are among the Governor`s Cup Winners, a top honor. Click the link for more on that story.

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