Drivers who speed in some active work zones in PA could be caught on camera and cited

SHREWSBURY TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY -- It will soon be easier for the Pennsylvania State Police to ticket people who speed in active work zones.

A sign near a work zone in York County warns drivers about the technology.

A new law gave PennDOT and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission the okay to deploy vehicles equipped with technology that can catch speeders on camera.

The vehicles are being tested right now, but come March 4, those who drive 11 mph over the speed limit in an active work zone can receive violations.

PennDOT officials say the enforcement efforts will make work zones a safer space for the men and women in hard hats and drivers.

"I've had people flying through my work sites quite a few times," said Wayne Pull, a traffic manager.

On Interstate 83 near exit 4 in York County the work zone speed limit is 55 mph; that doesn't stop drivers from far exceeding it. Our camera is rolling as one trucker hits 80!

"A dump truck, you know, can be pulling out and he's seen there is nothing coming, and all of a sudden, boom! There is a car right there," added Pull.

Before work zones, signs will be conspicuously placed to warn drivers they could be caught on camera, according to PennDOT officials.

"It's another tool to get people to slow down," explained Dave Thompson, a spokesperson for PennDOT. "It is basically an SUV with technology mounted on top. It's a duel unit with radar and a camera."

He says the registered owner of the vehicle will receive the violation through the mail.

"It has been proven that enforcement is the number one way of getting people to change their driving behavior," added Thompson. "We're seeing far too many close calls and actual crashes in work zones."

More than 1,800 crashes occurred at work zones in Pennsylvania in 2018, according to Thompson. He says 23 people died as a result.

"People working in these zones doing difficult jobs that demand their attention 100 percent," said Thompson. "They really don't need to worry about worry about motorists driving too fast or aggressively through the work zones and putting their lives in danger."

A first violation will result in a warning. A second violation will result in a citation and $75 fine. Third and subsequent violations will result in citations and $150 fines.

Thompson says violators will not receive points on their license or have their insurance rates go up.

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