‘Ask Evan’: “Why at PA toll plazas are pictures taken of my front license plate?”

This week's 'Ask Evan' deals with PA turnpike toll plaza pictures.  Megan F asks, "Why at PA toll plazas are pictures being taken of my front license plate?"

Photos are actually taken of the front and back of each vehicle that passes through a PA turnpike toll plaza.  The license plate information is instantly compared to the E-ZPass database to verify that the vehicle passing through has an active and up to date E-ZPass account to be charged.

Front photos are taken of vehicles even though cars registered in Pennsylvania and other states do not require front license plates.  The front facing cameras are primarily for commercial vehicles.  A tractor-trailer cab is owned by the operator-- not always the trailer.  So, the Turnpike Commission invoices the cab owner for violations and toll bill-- not the trailer plate or owner of the trailer.  That's why you see the front camera snapping pictures.

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