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After several years in New England, Ashley is thrilled to be back in her home state! Ashley grew up right outside of Philadelphia, and joined the Fox 43 news team as a reporter in March 2018. She is always eager to learn more about the community and the people in it.

Ashley graduated Boston University in 2015, and began her career as a reporter and anchor in Bangor, Maine. In Maine, she had the opportunity to interview Susan Sarandon as she rallied in favor of Sen. Bernie Sanders. She also covered the longest man-hunt in Maine history and the several-month search for a missing man.

Ashley is also an adrenaline junkie. When she wasn’t covering politics or breaking news, you could find her skydiving or entering the state’s scariest haunted houses, all ON AIR! She loves having fun, spending time with friends, family, and her pug mix, Theodore. When she’s not at work, she is usually watching movies, running, or traveling.

Most importantly, Ashley loves to tell the stories that matter to you. She is a people-person, and thinks the stories with the greatest impact are the stories about individuals in the community.

Feel free to reach out to her with any story ideas or news tips! She would love to hear from you… You can also keep up with her on Facebook and Twitter at @ashleypaulnews.

Recent Articles
  • Lincoln statue gets a makeover, special guest greets people at Gettysburg visitor center in the meantime

    It hasn’t quite been four score and seven years, but it has been a while. “The top of his shoulders, his head, his nose, everything was worn off to the substrate to the straight bronze. So it really had a blotchy appearance,” said Steve Roy, owner of Steve Roy Art Restoration. Abraham Lincoln is getting a makeover. “To keep him in tip-top shape really does help preserve his legacy, and help preserve the importance of Lincoln to Gettysburg and to […]

  • Farm owner speaks out after neighbor’s dog attacks and kills alpacas

    Beth Lutz has been raising alpacas at Painted Spring Farm Alpacas in York County for 18 years. “They all have their own personalities. Most of the animals on this farm we have raised since they were babies. So there’s a long bond,” said Lutz. Which makes what happened last Friday all the more devastating. Lutz says her husband was downstairs making coffee that morning when he looked out and saw several alpacas lying in the pasture, a behavior she says […]

  • Marine killed overseas remembered by Dallastown community

    A high school football player, a junior ROTC member, and an amazing person. That’s how Dallastown School District Superintendent Ronald Dyer describes former student Benjamin Hines. Hines was killed in a Taliban attack on Monday in Afghanistan, while serving as a Marine, when a roadside bomb hit the convoy near the base. The attack also claimed two other Marines. Hines was just 31 years-old. Superintendent Dyer says Hines was a part of the JROTC program during its first year, quickly […]

  • Transgender bathroom debate prompts change in Lancaster County school district

    “I asked several of the groups that we met with, ‘Who feels comfortable changing in front of other people?’, and of course, nobody raises their hand. Even as adults we’re still uncomfortable with that,” said Eastern Lancaster County School District superintendent Dr. Bob Hollister. That was one of the deciding factors in a proposal put forth by the Eastern Lancaster County school board Monday night. The board has dealt with controversy within the community after a transgender male student wanted […]

  • Adoptive mother of shaken baby speaks out after his death 20 years later

    “First and foremost, that kid had a smile that could light up a room. That’s what I miss the most,” said Michelle Miller. Kurtis Reed-Miller never had it easy. “He couldn’t walk. He couldn’t talk. He had voluntary movement. Everything we did with him had to be hand over hand,” said Miller. All injuries caused when he was shaken by his biological mother, Teresa Gill, when he was five months-old. “Kurtis Reed-Miller never recovered from the injuries he received in […]

  • Mixed reactions to saving Three Mile Island after decommissioning report release

    “Anytime that you’d have a business coming here that would create these kinds of jobs, we would be tripping over each other to make sure we get them here. So this is no reason to change that,” said Rep. Tom Mehaffie. 16,000 jobs across the state— that’s how many Pennsylvanians are employed by nuclear power plants. Just one of the many reasons Rep. Mehaffie says nuclear energy needs to be added to the Pennsylvania Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards— which is […]

  • Ordinance to ban feeding feral cats causes controversy in Cornwall

    “It’s gone outside of just being a nuisance issue, but being a health issue.” Dustin Boger says the feral cat problem in his Cornwall neighborhood has gotten out of control. “My son being allergic to cats and my wife just having allergy issues, they both struggle with breathing.” He says there are at least ten feral cats in his yard, and at least one of them is pregnant. He says the smell of cat urine is permeating his house, there […]

  • New details in York County child abuse case

    71 year-old Charles Benjamin appearing in court Wednesday afternoon, facing a multitude of charges including five counts each of aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of children, simple assault, and recklessly endangering another person, in addition to false imprisonment charges. “Things are not like they appeared to be. And this is just the beginning and we have not investigated a lot of contradiction and a lot of misstatements in this case, and that’s what we’ve got to do,” said Clarence Allen, […]

  • Lancaster County sees first female police chief

    For the last 35 years, West Hempfield Police Chief Mark Pugliese has responded to thousands of calls, but this one truly tugged at the heartstrings. “It’s emotional. To hear everybody respond. That’s the best way to describe it- emotional,” said Pugliese. “39-1: thank you for your 35 years of service to West Hempfield and Mountville borough. It’s been a pleasure working with you. Congratulations and enjoy your retirement, sir.” That was the final dispatch message Pugliese received. And Pugliese says […]

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