After several years in New England, Ashley is thrilled to be back in her home state! Ashley grew up right outside of Philadelphia, and joined the Fox 43 news team as a reporter in March 2018. She is always eager to learn more about the community and the people in it.

Ashley graduated Boston University in 2015, and began her career as a reporter and anchor in Bangor, Maine. In Maine, she had the opportunity to interview Susan Sarandon as she rallied in favor of Sen. Bernie Sanders. She also covered the longest man-hunt in Maine history and the several-month search for a missing man.

Ashley is also an adrenaline junkie. When she wasn’t covering politics or breaking news, you could find her skydiving or entering the state’s scariest haunted houses, all ON AIR! She loves having fun, spending time with friends, family, and her pug mix, Theodore. When she’s not at work, she is usually watching movies, running, or traveling.

Most importantly, Ashley loves to tell the stories that matter to you. She is a people-person, and thinks the stories with the greatest impact are the stories about individuals in the community.

Feel free to reach out to her with any story ideas or news tips! She would love to hear from you… You can also keep up with her on Facebook and Twitter at @ashleypaulnews.

Recent Articles
  • Middletown residents without water after possible contamination

    A water situation in Middletown, Dauphin County, is affecting the entire borough. “Exactly what it is, an inconvenience,” said Ralph Parker, night shift supervisor at the Middletown Hardee’s. The borough was alerted to possible contamination in the water supply Wednesday night. A notice from Suez, the area’s water company, explains one of the system’s wells lost it’s ability to disinfect water entering the distribution system. The notice continues by saying “there is an increased chance that the water may contain […]

  • Susquenita School District to add armed guards

    There have been 182 mass shootings in America in 2018 so far, according to the Gun Violence Archive, happening at office buildings and arts festivals, and perhaps most notably, schools. “It’s a shame that we live in the times that we do and things are happening across the country as they are,” said Kirk Smith, superintendent of Susquenita School District. This is leaving school officials across the country, including at Susquenita School District in Perry County to face the tough […]

  • Family of Cumberland County murder-suicide victim speaks out

    The Lyon’s kids may be grown up now, but they look back at their childhood with fond memories. “Crazy things would happen. We would be down in the creek to ice skate, and I was checking to see if the ice was okay. I told them to stay back. Well, next thing I looked and they’re in the water and I had to pull them both out. Funny things like that,” said Diane McMillen. Now, those memories are all they […]

  • Neighbors react following murder-suicide in Cumberland County neighborhood

    Neighbors are shaken… “It’s extremely shocking,” said one neighbor. This usually quiet Cumberland County neighborhood is now forever changed. “The officers got there and found a victim in a vehicle and she was being tended to by a passerby and she was transported to the hospital and unfortunately she passed away on the trauma table,” said Chief Mark Green with the East Pennsboro Police Department. That woman was 54 year-old Sue Grunden. Police say she was backing out of her […]

  • East Pennsboro residents try to halt redevelopment project at commissioners meeting

    Another push to continue developing Central Pennsylvania, this time in Dauphin County. 200 First Street Associates LLC gave the commissioners and the public a presentation Thursday night, laying out their plans for the area of East Pennsboro Township along First Street, Valley Road, and Routes 11 and 15. In their presentation, they spoke about building a hotel, convenience store, and warehouses. But, the people who spoke at the meeting say the warehouses will turn into trucking ports, with it, bringing […]

  • Police K9 diagnosed with lyme disease, opens conversation about prevention

    Meet Marc… He’s a part-time 3 year-old German Shephard, and a part-time member of the Mechanicsburg Police Force. “There’s always someone to talk to in the car,” said Officer Justin Shutt, Marc’s owner. But between sniffing out drugs and fighting crime, Marc has been dealing with his own battle as well. “During just some blood work, which is routine, they ended up finding out he was positive for lyme,” said Officer Shutt. Veterinarians say this doesn’t come as a shock. […]

  • Family wants justice for dog who was stolen and killed

    At Flory’s Cottages and Camping, the Korzniecki’s may own the business, but it’s Duke, their 12 year-old Cairns Terrier, that ran the show. “He was just the CEO. He used to sit on that chair. Every time a camper came in, he would come down, they would give him a dog bone. This is was his business,” said Claudette Korzniecki, Duke’s owner, and owner of Flory’s Cottages and Camping. Which makes coming to work this week for the Korzniecki’s that […]

  • Lancaster City residents request change at council meeting following taser incident

    It was the less than two weeks ago when a Lancaster City incident made national headlines, reigniting the conversation about police brutality and excessive use of force. Rallies were held following that incident, calling for change in the city, and Tuesday night, some residents laid out the exact changes they hope to see in front of the city council. It was June 29th when police responded to reports of a man making threats with a baseball bat. Upon arrival, police […]

  • Lancaster considers plastic bag rollback

    You might use them after shopping at the grocery store, the mall, or when getting take out at a restaurant. “The plastic bag issue in the environment is quite troubling,” said Meghan Young, owner of Character’s Gastropub in Lancaster. Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year- that’s about 1,500 per family, according to the Center for Biological Diversity, and they are killing our marine wildlife. This is prompting some Lancaster residents and officials to say enough is enough. “Unfortunately […]