Amy has spent the past 14 years as a journalist anchoring local news in Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina and is happy to be doing it back in her home state of PA.

Amy volunteers on the Board of Directors for two incredible non-profits. Turning Point, a Women’s Counseling and Advocacy Center in York County and the York County Children’s Advocacy Center. She has also volunteered with Susan G. Komen for 11 years, as well as the American Cancer Society, Komen Young Professionals, and Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America. In April of 2014, she was chosen as the recipient of the PA Alzheimer’s Association Outstanding Media and Community Support Volunteer of the Year award and in April of 2015, she received the American Heart Association’s Go Red Volunteer of the Year Award.

In her free time, she loves taking photographs and yoga classes.

Amy resides in York County with her husband, daughter and cat.

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Recent Articles
  • Fighting Back After Fatal Fire

    Erik Swanson is doing what he can to keep his muscles strong and his mind emotionally sound. “The doctors seem to feel I’ll be okay to go back to work,” he said. He was one of 5 York City firefighters putting out hot spots at the Weaver Organ and Piano Factory the day after the building went up in flames. “We never thought this would ever happen, but it did.  I was standing very close to Ivan and Zach when the […]

  • Curbing Opioid Epidemic leaves chronic pain patients worried for future

    Christina Roden believes the state opioid prescription drug guidelines are creating another epidemic,  so she is speaking up in hopes of creating change. “It’s like we’re being forgotten,” she said of the thousands of chronic pain patients like herself who she feels are being overlooked. The single mother of 3 in Dauphin County suffers from endometriosis, a debilitating disease with no cure. “There are days that an 800 ibuprofen will work, but there are days when no way, nope, it’s not […]

  • Live and Local: Lancaster Central Market

       The Lancaster Central Market is the oldest farmer’s market in the country.   The 120-year-old red brick building lies in the heart of Amish Country and is full of sweets, meats and good eats. “We have fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh meats, everything mostly locally sourced, said Elyse Pollak, the Manager of Communications for the Lancaster Central Market.  The giant farmer’s market has been part of the county since Lancaster city began. “The building itself was actually built in 1889 […]

  • Live and Local: The Fulton Theater

    Many people only know the Fulton Theatre as the beautiful home for performing arts that it is today.  However,  throughout its long, surprising history, the Fulton has served as the setting of many interesting events in history.   In the same spot where the bright lights of the Fulton Theater now shine, lived a building that housed a dark part of history,  Lancaster’s pre-revolutionary jail. “It was actually the site of the Conestoga Indian massacre, which is where all of our […]

  • Live and Local: Rachel’s Cafe and Creperie

    Lancaster is home to a lot of great restaurants and bars, but there aren’t many places where you’ll have to wait in a long line just to get inside the building. That’s  exactly what you’ll find any weekend if you visit Rachel’s Cafe and Creperie on Walnut street in downtown Lancaster.  Fox 43’s Amy Lutz and Jennifer Ready took a trip there to see why it’s become such a staple in the community. Whether it’s a beautiful brew, or some […]

  • Kicking Autism’s butt with taekwondo

    “Never underestimate the ability of your child… they will surprise you with what they are capable of doing and never be afraid to try new things,” said Bernadette Jayakumar about enrolling her son Nevan in Taekwondo. The third grader at Shaull Elementary School in Cumberland County has autism and faces a number of developmental challenges. Brandon Keeton is the owner of Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Central Pennsylvania in Lower Allen Township and says that taekwondo teaches structure and discipline […]

  • Tattoos Draw Hope For Cancer Survivors

    “I was just really scared for my family, because what would happen to my kids without me,” said Sonya Pinto. Sonya was in her 40’s when she underwent a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Like so many women, she chose to have reconstructive surgery. However, the emotional battle that followed was just as challenging for her, as fighting cancer itself. She says her family gave her strength to physically fight breast cancer in 2015. The battle though, […]

  • Land of Little Horses Farm Park

    There’s a unique place just outside of Gettysburg that’s become known as the perfect place for animal lovers, both young and young at heart. Fox43’s Amy Lutz took her daughter there to get her opinion on the so-called magical place. Up a long hill in Highland Township, Adams County, lies a magical land. The Land of Little Horses Farm Park. The farm opened it’s doors in 1971 with 25 miniature horses and has grown quite a bit since. Now, the […]

  • Agriculture Education Center Puts Fun In Fundamentals At York Fair

    It used to be referred to as the poultry barn, but now Heritage Hall at the York Fair in West Manchester Township is home to the brand new Agriculture Education Center. Sales manager of the York Fair, Cody Cashman, says it’s “utterly” unique. “Most fairgrounds don’t have an ag center, so it’s something new we did this year, we really wanted to drive home the ag education part, because kids aren’t getting it anymore in school,” he said. Cashman also […]