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Amy has spent the past 14 years as a journalist anchoring local news in Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina and is happy to be doing it back in her home state of PA.

Amy volunteers on the Board of Directors for two incredible non-profits. Turning Point, a Women’s Counseling and Advocacy Center in York County and the York County Children’s Advocacy Center. She has also volunteered with Susan G. Komen for 11 years, as well as the American Cancer Society, Komen Young Professionals, and Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America. In April of 2014, she was chosen as the recipient of the PA Alzheimer’s Association Outstanding Media and Community Support Volunteer of the Year award and in April of 2015, she received the American Heart Association’s Go Red Volunteer of the Year Award.

In her free time, she loves taking photographs and yoga classes.

Amy resides in York County with her husband, daughter and cat.

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Recent Articles
  • Zapping away the flu with the Virus Vaporizer

    A 3rd of all flu viruses are contracted in the workplace. However, thanks to Heather Schlegel’s business, Enviro-Master, it doesn’t have to be that way. You could hire them to come into your business and use their sci-fi looking device to spray a powerful germ zapper that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria in less than 60 seconds.  Flu,  MRSA, Hand, foot and mouth, you name it. The non toxic spray uses hospital grade germocide that’s EPA registered, and even kills […]

  • The Importance Of Knowing CPR

    YORK COUNTY, Pa.– Knowing CPR can help you save a life at a moment’s notice, as Heather Kriner learned all too well. Kriner was babysitting a 14-month-old child at her Airville home when she found the little girl on the floor with liquid dripping from her nose. “I picked her up and ran to the other room to get my phone to call 911,” Kriner explained. “As I called, she went limp in my arms.” Kriner started CPR immediately while […]

  • Fallen firefighters remembered one year later

    YORK COUNTY, Pa.– As the one year mark of the Weaver Organ and Piano Building collapse that claimed the lives of two York City Firefighters approaches, loved ones are looking back over the past year and doing what they can to keep their memories alive. On March 22, 2018, four firefighters were putting out hot spots on the 4th floor when the building collapsed. Erik Swanson and Assistant Fire Chief Greg Altland managed to survive the fall. The other two, […]

  • Devastating Deception: Local couple duped by adoption scam

    After suffering 2 miscarriages, a York County couple was desperate to grow their family. They paid thousands of dollars to adopt twins from a woman in New York, but it turned out to be a hoax.  FOX43’s Amy Lutz reports. Ashley Aubin and her husband Josh had the nursery all set.  A place where they would raise Arianna and Parker.  Babies that would grow the Aubin family tree.  Babies they were promised when their prayers were finally answered. “It was […]

  • Rare medical condition highlights PA family’s food struggle

    [takeaction] “All he did was cry and it wasn’t your typical colic cry, it was all day, all he did was scream  after eating,” said Danielle George about her son Benjamin Bonilla. The happy 4-year-old has been extremely sick since the day he was born. “We knew something was wrong,  it was just a matter of what was wrong,” Danielle said.  They went to countless doctors, but still no answer.   That is, until Benjamin was 10-months-old.   “We ended up getting […]

  • High Flying Pages swing into York Fair

    One of the most thrilling experiences at the York Fair comes from high above the the fairgrounds.   The High Flying Pages aerial act has been stunning audiences across the world for decades and this year, they are entertaining crowds in Central PA for the very first time. “The response that we’ve gotten from the audience here has been fantastic,” said Anthony Pages about the action packed 30 minute show.  “Normally with a circus, you’re talking an hour- hour and a […]

  • Fighting Back After Fatal Fire

    Erik Swanson is doing what he can to keep his muscles strong and his mind emotionally sound. “The doctors seem to feel I’ll be okay to go back to work,” he said. He was one of 5 York City firefighters putting out hot spots at the Weaver Organ and Piano Factory the day after the building went up in flames. “We never thought this would ever happen, but it did.  I was standing very close to Ivan and Zach when the […]

  • Curbing Opioid Epidemic leaves chronic pain patients worried for future

    Christina Roden believes the state opioid prescription drug guidelines are creating another epidemic,  so she is speaking up in hopes of creating change. “It’s like we’re being forgotten,” she said of the thousands of chronic pain patients like herself who she feels are being overlooked. The single mother of 3 in Dauphin County suffers from endometriosis, a debilitating disease with no cure. “There are days that an 800 ibuprofen will work, but there are days when no way, nope, it’s not […]

  • Live and Local: Lancaster Central Market

       The Lancaster Central Market is the oldest farmer’s market in the country.   The 120-year-old red brick building lies in the heart of Amish Country and is full of sweets, meats and good eats. “We have fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh meats, everything mostly locally sourced, said Elyse Pollak, the Manager of Communications for the Lancaster Central Market.  The giant farmer’s market has been part of the county since Lancaster city began. “The building itself was actually built in 1889 […]

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