Andrea is the Morning Meteorologist at WPMT FOX43. She’s loved everything involving the wonders and whys of weather since age 10.

Her love for weather led her to Penn State, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Meteorology in 2009. She spent her first three years in Binghamton, NY at two television stations. She worked at FOX40 WICZ-TV for about a year, and then she worked an additional two years at WBNG-TV. She experienced lake effect snow, severe weather, snow storms, and more!

Andrea is happy to be back in Pennsylvania! She grew up in a small suburb just outside Philadelphia, so she’s always cheering on the Phillies, the Eagles, and the Penn State Nittany Lions! During her spare time, she enjoys taking weather related photos or videos, and then sharing them with others! Weather isn’t her only interest—she loves hanging with her pet rabbits, Oreo Doppler and Dolce Glaze, reading, tasting craft beers, and cooking.

If you have any questions, she’s more than happy to hear from you! Send an e-mail (, or find her on Facebook and Twitter to share in her weather fun!

Recent Articles
  • Back into the 90s Tuesday with high humidity and a few thunderstorms possible

        TOASTY START TO THE WEEK: The heat continues through for Central PA through Tuesday. It’s a warm and soupy start, with morning lows dipping into the upper 60s to middle 70s. Skies are partly cloudy. The rest of Tuesday brings a slightly better chance for some isolated showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon. There’s a small chance for stronger to severe storms, with damaging winds and areas of flooding as the primary threats. Temperatures are back into the […]

  • A sizzling start to the work week, with record heat and a couple thunderstorms possible on Monday

          TOASTY START TO THE WEEK: The heat continues through the first half of the week! It’s a warm and stuffy start to Monday, with partly cloudy skies. There are a few areas of haze and fog too, but most shouldn’t see any issues.  The rest of Monday is hazy, hot, and humid. Skies are partly cloudy during the afternoon, but a couple showers or thunderstorms are possible once again during this time. Temperatures reach the lower to […]

  • A few thunderstorms Friday, then the heat cranks up for the weekend!

        A FEW T-STORMS POSSIBLE: The work week ends on a warm and stuffy note, and the chance for a few thunderstorms remains. Friday starts warm and stuffy with some areas of haze and fog. Temperatures begin in the upper 60s to lower 70s. There’s plenty of clouds too, but sunshine starts to break through the clouds during the morning. By the afternoon, skies are partly sunny. A few showers and thunderstorms are still possible throughout Central PA. There’s […]

  • Showers and storms likely Tuesday, lower severe weather risk

          SHOWERS & STORMS TUESDAY: It’s back to warmth and stuffy conditions for Central PA, and an approaching cold front brings the chance for showers and thunderstorms. The morning brings some isolated showers, otherwise there’s mostly cloudy skies. Temperatures start in the upper 60s to lower 70s. The chance for showers and a couple storms increases through the midday hours. Plenty of clouds should limit the severe weather threat, in addition to a more southerly track of an […]

  • Hot and humid start to the week on Monday, monitoring a severe threat on Tuesday

          HOTTER, TURNING MORE HUMID: Temperatures start to climb higher Monday after quite the pleasant start, and the humidity returns as well. The morning is still comfortable and wonderful, with low humidity and cooler temperatures. Those morning temperatures start in the middle 50s to lower 60s. Plenty of sunshine helps temperatures rebound fast through the morning, and the humidity slowly starts creeping back as well. Afternoon high temperatures peak in the middle 80s to near 90 degrees under […]

  • Hot and humid with afternoon thunderstorms possible on Wednesday, small severe chance

        MIDWEEK T-STORM CHANCES: A better chance for some showers and thunderstorms arrives for the middle of the week as the next cold front crosses through Central PA. Wednesday brings partly sunny skies with the chance for some afternoon thunderstorms. The morning starts mainly dry, but an isolated shower or two cannot be excluded. It’s warm and stuffy with some areas of haze and fog. Temperatures begin in the middle 60s to lower 70s. By afternoon, there’s plenty of […]

  • Hot and humid Tuesday with a few thunderstorms possible

        MUGGY AGAIN WITH SMALL STORM CHANCES: The humidity is back to muggy levels and temperatures are near 90 degrees again on this Tuesday. It’s a warm and stuffy start, with temperatures beginning in the middle 60s to near 70 degrees. Some haze is possible too, otherwise skies are partly sunny. The rest of the day stays muggy, but it’s also a bit warmer too. Temperatures are back to near 90 degrees in many locations. Heat indices for some […]

  • A short break from high humidity Monday with a stray thunderstorm or two possible

          DRY & WARM START TO THE WEEK: It’s a mainly dry start to the week, with a brief dip in humidity too. The humidity levels come down a bit through Monday morning under mostly clear skies. Temperatures begin in the 60s to lower 70s. Another toasty afternoon is ahead, but it won’t get as warm as the other day. Expect sunshine mixed with clouds, and there’s also a small chance for a stray thunderstorm or most, but […]

  • Better chance for heavy downpours Friday, then drying through the weekend!

        AFTERNOON T-STORMS: A stalled cold front just to the south of Central PA brings a better chance for some shower and thunderstorms on this Friday. The morning starts partly clear with some areas of haze and fog. Temperatures start in the middle to upper 60s. The rest of Friday brings partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies and a better chance for showers and thunderstorms. Anything that forms is slow moving, so there’s the potential for some hefty downpours […]

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