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  • Ask Evan: Are police departments allowed to solicit for donations?

    This week’s Ask Evan question deals with donations to your local and state police departments. Carol G. asks: “Are police departments allowed to solicit for donations?” We reached out to a few police departments in our area. The Pennsylvania State Police told us that they are completely self-funded and do not rely on donations from the people they serve. They do, however, accept donations to fund programs like their Camp Cadet program. The Gettysburg Police Department in Adams County tell […]

  • Ask Evan: Who came up with the magic number of 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency?

    This week’s Ask Evan deals with the general election. More specifically, it deals with the Electoral College, which is set to meet on December 19th to cast their votes for the next president. This question comes from Stephen S. He asks, “When we had the presidential election I know the key number was 270. But my question to you is, who came up with the magic number of 270 and when was this established?” The whole plan goes back to the […]

  • Ask Evan: How much does it cost taxpayers when the lottery and state liquor stores advertise?

    This week’s question deals with advertising money spent by state run agencies. Pop M. asks, “How much does it cost Pennsylvania taxpayers when the lottery and state liquor stores advertise on television and radio?” PA Lottery A spokesman from the Pennsylvania Lottery said that compared to what the lottery brings in, they are not spending that much on advertising. Here is the breakdown. For the 2015-16 fiscal year, they spent $11.5 million on television ads.  They sid that lottery sales totaled […]

  • Ask Evan: What happened to the last winner of American Idol?

    This “Ask Evan” question comes from  Renee R. She asks, “What ever happened to the guy won the last season of American Idol?” The last American Idol winner of season 15 was Trent Harmon. He won the final season back in April of this year. Since then, he has put out a couple of projects. He released his first single called Falling as part of his big American Idol win. The song was co-written by Idol judge Kieth Urban. He also […]

  • Bakers compete in thumbprint cookie competition at Farm Show

    HARRISBURG, Pa. — Thumbprint cookies were on display and being judged on Sunday at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Christina Maser’s Pantry hosted the event, where all of those who baked cookies had to follow the same recipe. About 30 people took part in the competition. For some bakers, the event is personal. “We love meeting all of the people,” Gerri Moore, a family living coordinator said.  “We have a lot of fun with all of them and we become family. ” […]

  • Protesters interrupt Governor Wolf’s speech at the opening of the Farm Show

    HARRISBURG, Pa. — Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf helped kick off the Farm Show this morning in Harrisburg but it did not go without incident. A few animal rights protesters rushed the stage before quickly being taken away by state troopers.  Future agriculture leaders and spectators joined Governor Wolf, Senator Bob Casey, Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding and others to kick off the event. Redding says the situation was quickly controlled. “At the end of the day, they can certainly express that […]

  • Hispanic Coalition hosts Three Kings Day celebration in York

    YORK, Pa. —  York County’s Hispanic Coalition hosted a Three Kings Day celebration on Saturday. 86 families received toys for their children at William Penn High School. The vice president of the Spanish Center says it is an opportunity to give back to the children of York. “This helps a lot of children in need,” Joes Santiago said. ” I think it’s just a part of giving. The tradition is still there and all over the world.” Sully Pinos, of […]

  • 5K & 10K race kicks off the new year on City Island in Harrisburg

    HARRISBURG, Pa. — To kick start the new year and new resolutions, people on Harrisburg’s City Island took to the streets for the new year 5K and 10K. The race was held by U.S. Road Running, an organization that hosts events across the nation. This was the second year for the event in Harrisburg. “Everybody is doing their new year’s resolutions so this is one of the 12 races we have here each year so it should be a fun […]

  • Penguin Plunge raises money for homeless animals in Harrisburg

    HARRISBURG, Pa. — Hundreds of people jumped into the chilly waters of the Susquehanna River in Harrisburg Sunday afternoon for the 20th Annual Penguin Plunge. The plunge is an annual fundraiser for the humane society of the Harrisburg area. More than 300 people jumped into the river as hundreds watched from the shore raising money for the cause. “They’ve done this for a long time. I had two weimaraner’s that just passed away recently. It’s my first time doing this. […]

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