Hey there, Friend. Thanks for visiting me here online. Let’s start at the beginning.

I’m from Northwest Oklahoma, grew up in a farm town of 1,200 people and graduated high school with 23 students in my class. Talk about a culture shock when I walked onto the campus of the University of Oklahoma and saw more people headed to class at 8 in the morning than were in my entire town!

At OU, I studied meteorology, journalism and international studies. While in college, I started working on-air as a meteorologist at stations in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. From tornadoes and hail, snow and ice, even hurricanes, I’ve seen and forecasted it all! I’m now excited to have roots planted firmly here in Pennsylvania.

People always ask me how I knew I wanted to be a meteorologist. Well, I’ve known since I was 3 years-old, when I would watch the Sunday morning weathercast and then do my own version of it on a chalkboard in Sunday School.

I love food too much, work out too little, have a love for everything James Bond, Star Wars, Harry Potter, football, baseball and golf. I’m a St. Louis Cardinals and Green Bay Packers fan, though, so I know there will be trash-talking to be had around town. I love to take road trips and travel whenever I can. I’ll throw a curveball at you and tell you I also have a completely irrational love of everything Reba McEntire and Meryl Streep. It’s just a thing I can’t explain in so few words.

I’m a pretty random guy who loves what he does and can’t get enough of it. If you have a story idea or ever want to send anything my way, message me on Facebook at Bradon Long FOX43, Twitter @bradonlongwx or email me at blong@fox43.com

Recent Articles
  • Rain starts early Saturday morning, drying with above average temps starting next week

    FRIDAY FORECAST: After a morning start in the 20s, afternoon highs reach the mid-40s for most areas with widespread cloud cover. Winds remain light. We stay in the upper-30s after sunset on an otherwise calm end to the work week as we eye our next storm system for Saturday morning. This is the same system we were watching for winter weather earlier in the week, but temperatures will be much too mild to see any significant winter precipitation out of […]

  • Continuing to warm, late Friday rain holds into Saturday

    HEADING INTO THE WEEKEND: We keep the cloud cover this evening and into the overnight time frame. This allows temperatures to stay up in the 20s starting Friday morning. Winds remain mostly light. Highs Friday hit the mid-to-upper 40s. Heading into the evening and overnight, scattered showers take over the area. This is the storm system we were concerned with for winter weather potential earlier this week. However, it looks like this is going to end up as mostly rain […]

  • The love tryst turned murder mystery in the Agatha Christie classic “Towards Zero” at Oyster Mill Playhouse

    CAMP HILL, Pa. – One man, two women and a cast of characters all who could have committed an unexpected murder for different reasons. That’s the story behind the Agatha Christie whodunnit, “Towards Zero.” As in all Christie works, figuring out the murder mystery promises to always be a good time all the way up to its unexpected end. Originally written by Christie as a message to her publishers, who didn’t find the backstory to her murders as interesting, Christie […]

  • Chilly night, winter storm with snow, sleet and freezing rain still likely Saturday

    SATURDAY’S STORM: We fall through the 20s this evening with a small wind chill impact. Though, winds do die down as the day progresses. Starting after sunrise, flurries and light snow begin to fall into the morning hours. With an occasional break, snow becomes mostly steady into the late morning and early afternoon. Light accumulation will occur for most spots. Temperature stay below freezing for most of the day. However, we expect warmer air to move into the upper levels […]

  • Breezy and cold today, watching snow and mix chances this weekend

    WINDY AND COLD: Gusty conditions make for a chilly afternoon as temperatures slowly but steadily drop into the evening. A WIND ADVISORY is in effect for all of our counties until 7PM with gusts over 45MPH possible. Wind chills stay in the upper-20s and low-30s all day long with mostly clear skies. A few lake effect flurries can’t be ruled out. Overnight lows dip into the 20s to start our Friday. WATCHING WINTER WEATHER SATURDAY: Winds calm down, but temperatures […]

  • Winds and snow squall chance diminishes, rain and warmer temps to finish the week

    WIND CALMS DOWN: Breezes gust upwards of 30MPH for the rest of the day. Snow squalls will remain a concern for the day as well. Otherwise, lake effect flurries will also be possible under partly cloudy skies. Temperatures reach the mid-30s for high temperatures. As the winds die down overnight tonight, temperatures tumble into the teens for morning lows with mostly clear skies. Thursday is cold, but dry and with only a light occasional breeze. High temperatures reach the low-to-mid […]

  • Snow showers into the evening, snow squalls possible tomorrow

    SNOW TODAY: A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY is in effect until 7PM for all of our area except Mifflin and Juniata counties. Snow showers continue to take over the area all afternoon long and into the evening. This will certainly impact the Rush Hour drive home. Snow showers will be mostly light with occasional heavier moments. A few drops of rain could mix in as well with the wet flakes. Highs only reach the mid-30s. Snow showers begin to end out […]

  • A bit of a breeze, quick hit of snow, some areas even seeing rain initially, Tuesday afternoon

    BREEZY: A breezy Monday afternoon yields overnight. Temperatures tumble through the 30s with the winds lightening a bit after sunset. Morning lows dip into the upper-20s with still mostly-clear skies. Cloud cover increases late Tuesday morning ahead of a quick snow chance. QUICK SNOW: After lunch, light rain and snow is likely area-wide. Ideal timing is between 12-7PM from southwest to northeast, so our evening commute home will likely be affected by snowfall mixing in with some rain. A few […]

  • Clouds and periods of rain move in overnight, stay through Saturday

    RAIN MOVES IN: We’re treated to a mostly quiet afternoon with highs near 50-degrees. Winds hold off until the evening time frame, and then begin to increase with gusts up to 20MPH. Clouds increase as well as we progress through the evening. A few sprinkles could start before midnight, but any consistent shower activity holds off until just before sunrise. STAYS THROUGH SATURDAY: Periods of showers begin towards sunrise and persist Friday. There will be plenty of dry time. Any […]

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