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  • The word of 2018 is ‘Justice’

    Robert Mueller’s investigation of US President Donald Trump; Brett Kavanaugh’s tense hearings in Congress; the fight for social, racial and gender equality: the past year has seen an absorbing and tumultuous news cycle. And now, “justice” — the crux of some of the most gripping stories of the past 12 months — has been recognized for its central place in the public consciousness. US publishing company Merriam-Webster has named the noun its Word of the Year for 2018, after it […]

  • World’s most popular attractions, according to Uber

    It’s been nearly a decade since ride-sharing app Uber first arrived on the scene, hitting the streets of San Francisco in 2010. Today, in spite of endless controversies and legal battles, it’s available in hundreds of cities worldwide. That’s a lot of rides. So which attractions are Uber’s customers heading to? The app has just released its year-in-review, which includes a list of the most popular destinations its users visited in 2018. Two New York destinations are at the top of the […]

  • Largest known diamond in North America found in Canada

    A 552-carat yellow diamond was recently unearthed in Canada — the largest ever found in North America. Mining company Dominion Diamond Mines said in a press release on Thursday the diamond was discovered in October at the Diavik Diamond Mine in Canada’s Northwest Territories. The “astonishing gemstone” measures 33.74 millimeters by 54.56 millimeters, the company said. It was uncovered in the initial screening process at Diavik’s recovery plant, the company said. “Abrasion markings on the stone’s surface attest to the difficult journey […]

  • Scheme to blow up detention center thwarted when plans mailed to wrong person

    GRAHAM, N.C. (WGHP) — An escape plot to blast a hole into the Alamance County Detention Center was thwarted when an inmate mailed the plans to the wrong person, according to the sheriff’s office. A woman received a letter from the Alamance County jail on Dec. 6. Thinking it was a letter to her, she opened it. Inside, she found a detailed drawing of the Alamance County Detention Center, instructions for making a bomb and a plan for explosives to […]

  • NASA receives photographs from Juno on Jupiter

    NASA sent the spacecraft Juno to Jupiter in 2011. Well, it took a little while for Juno to get there — but it delivered. The images were taken by the spacecraft on its 16th close flyby on October 29, NASA said. Juno traveled for years, not reaching Jupiter until July 2016. The spacecraft was launched so scientists could study Jupiter’s composition and evolution, and they are excited by what they found. Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and […]

  • President Trump’s future chief of staff calls him ‘terrible human being’ in video from 2016

    President Donald Trump’s budget director and soon-to-be acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, called Trump “a terrible human being” during a campaign debate in 2016. In a video posted by The Daily Beast, Mulvaney said at the debate with his then-Democratic challenger for South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District seat, Fran Person, that he was supporting Trump for president, albeit reluctantly. “Yes, I’m supporting Donald Trump,” the incumbent Republican, who later won reelection, says in the video. “I’m doing so as enthusiastically […]

  • SuicideGeneric

    At a teen’s funeral, a priest condemned suicide and ‘basically called our son a sinner,’ mother says

    Grieving the most tragic loss two parents could endure, Jeff and Linda Hullibarger expected comfort from a priest’s homily at their son Maison’s funeral. Instead, the priest lectured the hundreds of mourners that suicide is wrong, and repeatedly referenced the 18-year-old taking his own life. “I looked at Jeff and thought, ‘What is he doing?’ ” Linda Hullibarger said Sunday. “We have five other kids. Nobody could believe it,” Jeff Hullibarger said. “I looked at the parish, and everyone had […]

  • Disney fires actor after police say he tried to meet a 13-year-old for sex

    Actor Stoney Westmoreland has been dropped from his recurring role on the Disney Channel show “Andi Mack” after being arrested by police in Salt Lake City, according to a Disney Channel statement. A probable cause affidavit states Westmoreland, 48, used a dating app to chat with someone he believed to be a 13-year-old boy. The affidavit goes on to state the actor used the app to send explicit pictures and to arrange a meeting for sex. When Westmoreland arrived at […]

  • Crane company fires 3 employees after they post inappropriate pictures in Camp Fire wreckage

    One picture showed a dead cat with a beer bottle in its mouth. In another, a man is jumping through a burned trampoline. And then there’s the one where two men pretend to go for a drive in the charred remains of a motor home. The photos are among several taken by employees of a crane rental and sales company who were working at sites ravaged by the Camp Fire. California-based Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. said Saturday it has […]