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  • Fire and ice takes over downtown Lititz

    LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. – Over 65 giant ice sculptures will be on full display in downtown Lititz. The 13th annual Lititz Fire & Ice kicks off Friday night. Music from local bands will fill the air and ice carvers will fill the street. Don’t let the cold scare you away. There will actually be campfires to warm you up, a fire show, and a chili cook-off. Speaking of those campfires, local scouts will be giving out free roasted marshmallows at […]

  • Tracking weekend showers

    TRACKING RAIN: After a cloudy and dry start today, showers roll in around noon.  Then, after off and on showers for a few hours, the rain gets steadier this evening.  It stays all night, too, and we’ll even start Sunday rainy.  But, we’ll have a break from the rain for most of Sunday afternoon.  After a few more showers Sunday night and a cloudy, but dry Monday morning, the sun will return.  Highs hang out in the mid to upper 40s […]

  • Creating a Super Bowl commercial

    DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa.– All eyes will be on the Super Bowl Sunday not only to see if the Eagles win, but also for the commercials!  A lot of production goes into the commercials, and Monday morning  FOX43 sent Drew Anderson to see how some of it is done. He got to see how Progressive Studios, edits and alters live music for a commercial. Wayward Giants, a local band, was in studio as Drew and Joe Trojcak listened from the control room […]

  • Expect a coating-2″ Tuesday afternoon

    TRACKING SNOW: Expect a coating-2″ on Tuesday.  The snow will fall during the daytime hours, with most of it falling in the afternoon.  Most places will see the snow start not long after noon.  It will wrap up for everyone right after rush hour.  So, a lot of people will run into falling snow on their ride home from work and school.  Most places will get a bit more than an inch.  While it doesn’t sound like much, please take […]

  • Tracking snow for Tuesday

    COLD WEATHER: Now that the cold weather is back, we’re stuck with it through Friday.  Look for highs in the mid 20s this afternoon.  At least it’s not windy.  We’ll just have a light breeze this and tomorrow afternoon.  Tomorrow, we’ll have highs in the upper 20s.   Enjoy all the sun today because we get pretty cloudy tomorrow afternoon ahead of some snow on the way. TRACKING SNOW: On Tuesday, we’ll have cloudy skies and snow.  Overall, we’ll get a […]

  • 100s braved the cold in Mechanicsburg to watch a wrench drop

    MECHANICSBURG, Cumberland County, Pa — People were dancing in the streets of downtown Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County, not just for fun, but also for warmth on New Year’s Eve. While the crowd was smaller than last year, 100s of people still braved the cold to watch the annual wrench drop. And brave they did! Temperatures were near 0 just before midnight, which made this New Year’s Eve the coldest ever on record in the Harrisburg area. One minute before midnight, the […]

  • The cold sticks around for the week ahead

    COLD ALL WEEK: You’ll need the gloves and scarf all week.  We welcome 2018 with morning lows in low single digits.  Then, we get to only the upper teens despite sunny skies.  There will be a few breezes in the afternoon, which will make it feel more like the low teens outside.  It will feel like the teens again on Tuesday because of that pesky wind chill.  The actual high gets to 24 under sunny skies.  On Wednesday, we make […]

  • Highs in the 20s stick around for a while

    COLD WEATHER: We’ve got highs in the 20s through at least the middle of next week.  While your Wednesday won’t be as windy as it has been, there will still be some afternoon breezes.  Then, we don’t have to worry about a wind chill again until the weekend.  The skies stay sunny through Friday, too. WEEKEND WEATHER: On Saturday, we’ll get a few inches of snow.  Because it’s so cold, the snow will stick as soon as it falls.  The snow will fall during […]

  • 50s are coming…

    …but we have to wait a few more days. CLOUDY WEATHER: Overall, we’ll have a cloudy Sunday, and once the clouds take over the sky, we’ll keep them through Wednesday morning.  So, you won’t need the sunglasses again until Wednesday afternoon. TRACKING SHOWERS: Guess what comes with clouds?  Yep.  But, it won’t be that rainy.  In fact, only a few spots get a shower late in the day on your Sunday and overnight.  The same goes for Monday and Tuesday.  […]

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