Central Pennsylvania is where I grew up, attended college, and eventually returned to start a family. After working at several TV stations around the country I returned to Central Pennsylvania when FOX43 News debuted in 1994. I currently anchor the weekday 4pm, 5pm and 10pm newscasts. I graduated from Shippensburg University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. After graduation I worked for TV stations in West Virginia, Allentown Pennsylvania, West Palm Beach Florida, and St. Louis Missouri. From the Space Shuttle program in Florida, to the Berlin Wall coming down in Germany, I’ve had the great fortune of reporting exciting news events over the past 30 years. I’ve been fortunate to earn a number of journalism awards, including several Emmy awards and nominations. Shippensburg University’s Communications/Journalism Department also named me the Outstanding Alumnus Award for professional achievement.

Away from work, chances are you’ll find me on the back roads and highways on my Harley-Davidson. I’ve been riding since the age of 16. I also enjoy golf. Golf doesn’t enjoy me. The Eagle Scout in me still comes through with my love of camping, backpacking and hiking in the great outdoors. Each year you’ll find the Forrester clan camping or hiking in the woods of some beautiful location. My personal life is largely defined by my beautiful wife and two children.

I give back to the community as much as possible through participation in many charitable events. I serve on a number executive boards including: The Executive Board of the New Birth of Freedom Council of the Boy Scouts of America; The Executive Board of America’s 9/11 Foundation; The advisory board of both Shippensburg University’s College of Arts and Sciences and Communications/Journalism Department.

Chat with me on twitter @EvanFOX43 or Facebook.com/evanforresterfox43

Recent Articles
  • ‘Ask Evan’: “Are the length of yellow traffic lights regulated?”

    This week’s ‘Ask Evan’ question deals with traffic lights.  Drew A asks, “Is the length of a yellow light regulated?   Some traffic signals stay yellow for quite some time while others seem to be very short?” I reached out to PennDOT for details and here’s what I’ve been told. The duration of yellow lights includes algebraic formulas and other deep details.  Way too much to get into here, and frankly really understand!  So, here’s the boiled down version from PennDOT. […]

  • ‘Ask Evan’: “Why at PA toll plazas are pictures taken of my front license plate?”

    This week’s ‘Ask Evan’ deals with PA turnpike toll plaza pictures.  Megan F asks, “Why at PA toll plazas are pictures being taken of my front license plate?” Photos are actually taken of the front and back of each vehicle that passes through a PA turnpike toll plaza.  The license plate information is instantly compared to the E-ZPass database to verify that the vehicle passing through has an active and up to date E-ZPass account to be charged. Front photos […]

  • ‘Ask Evan’: “Is there any truth to feeding a cold and starving a fever?”

    This week’s ‘Ask Evan’ question comes from Ann L in Lancaster County.  Ann asks- “I recently got the flu and my mother told me I needed to feed a cold and starve a fever.  I’m wondering if this is a wives tale or if there is any medical truth to this?” The origin of ‘feed a cold and starve a fever’ actually goes back to the 1500`s when writer John Withals suggested that fasting would cure a fever.  The belief […]

  • ‘Ask Evan’: “Are holiday plants dangerous to my pets?”

    This week’s ‘Ask Evan’ question deals with pets during the upcoming holiday season along with holiday plants.  Garrett W asks, is poinsettia poisonous to my pets? During the holidays, poinsettia are a popular Christmas plant.  Though they have a bad rap, poinsettia plants are only mildly toxic to cats and dogs.  According to the pet poison help line, the milky white sap found in poinsettia does contain certain chemicals that is irritating to the tissues of the mouth and esophagus.  […]

  • ‘Ask Evan’: “How long have poinsettia been holidays plants and why?”

    This week’s ‘Ask Evan’ question deals with holiday plants.  Morgan S asks, “How long have poinsettia been considered holiday plants and why?” Poinsettia plants are native to Central America, especially an area of Southern Mexico where they flower during the winter.  The plant’s association with Christmas began in 16th-century Mexico, where Mexican legend tells of a girl, commonly called Pepita or Maria, who was too poor to provide a gift for the celebration of Jesus’ birthday and was inspired by […]

  • ‘Ask Evan’: “Are ticks still active during the winter months?”

    This week’s ‘Ask Evan’ question has to do with ticks.   Joey W asks, “I recently found several ticks on me after spending time outside. Will the colder winter months kill them off, or do I need to worry about ticks year round?” The simple fact is, yes, ticks are around throughout the year.  While the numbers are much higher during the warmer weather months of summer, ticks can be on the move all 12 months of the year. Some scientists […]

  • ‘Ask Evan’: “Why aren’t local truck weigh stations open all the time?”

    This week’s ‘Ask Evan’ question comes from Jeff S.  Jeff asks, “On Interstate 83 why is the weigh station never open?  Other states I’m told are open all different times where trucks get weighed and inspected. Why is it seldom open?” I checked with folks at both PennDOT and the Pennsylvania State Police to get answer.  First, the weigh station you are referring to is on the southbound side of Interstate 83 in northern York County.  While you may not […]

  • ‘Ask Evan’: “Do deer repellents work to avoid crashes with cars?”

    This week’s ‘Ask Evan’ question deals with deer repellents.  Maddie W asks, “I’ve seen warning signs about higher risks of deer collisions.  Do you know if deer whistles and ultrasonic-typs repellents really work?” I reached out to folks with the Pennsylvania Game Commission for an answer.  They say they can’t speak with any real authority or evidence as to whether deer repellent devices actually work. They do, however, advise drivers to rely on their own careful driving– and not a […]

  • ‘Ask Evan’: “What does a Prothonotary do?”

    This week’s ‘Ask Evan’ question comes from Devon G.  Devon asks “I see that I am being asked to vote for a candidate to serve as my county’s Prothonotary.  What exactly does that person do?” There are a couple of Prothonotary positions being selected during this general election around the region.  The Prothonotary is an elected constitutional office in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and it is one of three major offices in almost every Pennsylvania courthouse: the recorder of deeds, […]

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