I most recently came from Valdosta, Georgia. There, I was a Multi Media Journalist and Bureau Chief for the CBS station there called WCTV. I have also worked in Hong Kong as well as New York City for Bloomberg TV. Prior to that, I have worked on five documentaries for the award-winning “America Undercover” series on HBO. In 2002, I worked as a Senior Production Associate on the Emmy award-winning film “Crank: Made in America”, for which he shot on location in Iowa interviewing and filming methamphetamine drug addicts, incarcerated dealers, and police officers. I have also personally worked with Kim Bassinger, the Dalai Lama, William Styron, and Mike Wallace on various documentary films over the past several years. I have also appeared on camera as well for MTV International and the National Geographic Channel. I love the outdoors and music. If you have a wild, weird or wonderful story please email me at eyates@fox43.com. I would love to hear from you!!

Recent Articles
  • Some travelers hesitant to take Amtrak this weekend as memories of the crash linger

    This weekend there will be at least eight trains a day going to Philadelphia, but that’s as far as they’ll go until Amtrak restores full service to New York. Aaron Pope is one of those travelers going to Philadelphia. “Little apprehensive about it, but also think that due to the accident there’s probably a lot more safety precautions now,” said Pope. He takes the train to New York City frequently for work. “It’s normally busier the closer you get to […]

  • Amtrak passengers going to New York City will have to take the bus

    Amtrak passenger John Reiersen and his daughter Katelyn have been talking about going to their homeland of Norway for years and now they’re doing it. “Nothing will stop us, we’ll get there,” said Reiersen. He was supposed to take the train to New York on Wednesday in order to catch a flight leaving JFK airport. “I had to get a partial refund. I’m still going to Philadelphia, to 30th Street Station but then I have to either take the Megabus […]

  • Judge considers whether to release video showing officer killing man

    A Dauphin County judge will now decide whether to release the video that shows Hummelstown police officer Lisa Mearkle shooting and killing David Kassick. “It’s the cornerstone of the case. There are no other eyewitnesses to what occurred. The video is everything,” said Johnny Baer, who is Chief Deputy District Attorney. The video was recorded on February 2 by the taser Mearkle used on Kassick. The incident started when Kassick took off during a traffic stop for expired inspection stickers. […]

  • Man accused of making wife’s death look like an accident testifies in court

    The man accused of killing his wife and making it look like an accident took the stand on Monday in his own defense. Joe Fitzpatrick is charged with killing his wife Anne-Marie in 2012 in York County. Fitzpatrick broke down in tears while he was on the stand. He is charged with homicide. Prosecutors say Fitzpatrick held his wife down in a creek on their York County property and drowned her back in June of 2012. Fitzpatrick told jurors that […]

  • Who shot someone’s family dog with a shotgun?

    Kimberly and Roger Glines of Carroll Township, Perry County rescued a pit bull named Zoey nearly five years ago. “She was whining so we brought her up to bed with us and that’s where she slept for the next four and a half years was right between my husband and I every single night,” said Kimberly. Kimberly said Zoey was a gentle dog that wasn’t aggressive, but she wasn’t perfect. Last Saturday she managed to get out of the house […]

  • Someone smeared feces all over the walls of a public bathroom in downtown Lancaster multiple times

    A few weeks ago someone went into a public restroom at the Queen Street bus station in Lancaster and smeared feces all over the walls. “Common courtesy for the next man to use the restroom you shouldn’t be wiping poop all over the walls,” said William Beattie of Mountville, Lancaster County. It’s not the first time this has happened. Towards the end of last year the bathrooms had to be closed because someone did the exact same thing. “It’s disgusting […]

  • Man who would have died without a new heart wants to thank the family of his donor

    Brian Ditzler has a deadly genetic heart disease which has wreaked havoc on his whole family. “My father at the age of 33 in 1974 died of this. And my older sister died when she was twenty one. And my younger sister was twenty nine at the time of her death,” said Ditzler in his Lebanon County home. Diztler was diagnosed in the 80s, but it got really bad in 2012. He was in the hospital constantly with circulation problems and an […]

  • Man accused of staging his wife’s death to look like an accident breaks down in court

    YORK, Pa. — The trial for a man accused of staging his wife’s death to look like an accident began in York. Around noon Tuesday Joe Fitzpatrick broke down and started crying. He’s being charged with homicide. During the opening statements the prosecutor kept saying “it almost worked” and that “he almost committed the perfect murder.” It all stems from an incident back in June 2012 when he and his wife Annemarie went four-wheeling on an ATV to celebrate their 13th […]

  • Legislation aims to crack down on synthetic marijuana by closing loop hole

    The use of synthetic marijuana is growing. York City Police said in the last month they’ve had at least nine encounters with people they thought were on synthetic pot. “We’re seeing that it’s impacting folks to the extent where crimes are being committed. We’re also seeing where suicide is being committed as well,” said state Rep. Stephen Kinsey (D-Philadelphia). And it’s not just a Pennsylvania problem. A few years ago a 14-year-old boy in Georgia killed himself after using synthetic […]

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