Hello fellow Pennsylvanians! My name is Grace Griffaton, but you can call me anything local. I love local stories and helping the community. I began my journey with FOX43 at the start of the new year, 2017. Prior to FOX43, I reported and produced at the beach for WRDE-Delmarva’s NBC station. Although I love the beach, I am a true Pennsylvanian at heart – grew up in a small town near the Poconos and graduated Magna Cum Laude from La Salle University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication where I interned at Fox 29 on Good Day Philadelphia. Following graduation, I worked for WPMT’s sister station, WNEP, researching, writing, and editing stories, shooting, and learning the broadcasting ropes. I am so happy and humbled to be back in my home state and look forward to meeting you all. I love people because everyone has such a unique background and story to tell so feel free to reach out with your story because I want to tell it. Follow me on social media – Facebook: GraceGriffatonTV and Twitter: @GraceGriffaton… or email me your ideas: Ggriffaton@Fox43.com.

Recent Articles
  • Young black bear finally captured in Lancaster; children get opportunity to touch, tag it

    LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — UPDATE (August 15): A young black bear climbs high into a tree in Lancaster as people watching nearby hold their breath. “It was scary!” said Hadley Schuller. “I thought it was really crazy. When he hanged on, I was so terrified!” said Eric Haefner. The bear believed to be a little more than a year old led authorities on a wild chase Wednesday; it avoided capture several times until a Game Waden managed to hit it with […]

  • FOX43 Focal Point: Heroes in Harm’s Way — The reward of being a first responder

    YORK, Pa. — For many first responders, it’s more than just a job; it’s a calling. They put their mental health, their bodies, and their lives on the line to keep us safe. It is a badge of honor, and some wear it for 5, 10, 20 plus years. “EMS since 1997!” said Jerry Schramm, director of operations for Lancaster EMS. Many first responders say they are willing to put their mental health, bodies, and lives on the line for […]

  • People say what appeared to be $100 bills rained from the sky in Lancaster

    LANCASTER, Pa. — Some people in Lancaster thought they won the lottery this week; what appeared to be $100 fell from the side onto their sidewalks. However, police say the bills are bogus, and they believe it’s linked to other crimes that happened over the weekend. Ally Rohland was at work on West James Street when she says she looked out the window and saw $100 bills falling from the sky. At first glance, you might think it is real. […]

  • Couple buys car to take critically ill children and veterans to their doctor’s appointments

    ADAMS COUNTY, Pa. — A local couple is making national news for a purchase they made this summer and how they hope it helps some children and veterans in Adams County. Most people customize their vehicles for themselves, but everything about Steve and Pamela Barry’s new car is meant to comfort somebody else. From the hood, to the handles, every detail on this car is meant to help. “Steve had this idea and said, ‘I want to help people,'” explained […]

  • FOX43 Focal Point: Heroes in Harm’s Way — First responders and survivor’s guilt

    YORK, Pa. — First responders are sometimes left with more questions than answers. Almost every first responder has an emergency they have replayed over in their minds. “Over a 30,40,50 year career in a volunteer service, you could potentially see hundreds of people dead,” said Chief Douglas Kemmerly, Columbia Borough Fire Department. “You are going to see some of the same stuff all over again,” said Chief Tom Rudzinski, Manheim Township Police Department. “I kind of think it is a […]

  • FOX43 Focal Point: Heroes in Harm’s Way — It’s okay, even encouraged for first responders to seek help

    LANCASTER, Pa. — “If we are not doing everything we possibly can to make them successful or help them be successful in their job, mental health being one of them – we are failing them,” said Chief Jarrad Berkihiser. From depression to post traumatic stress, first responders are suffering from mental health issues. It can be hard for those who help to ask for support, but experts say there are resources and professional help is out there. Each of us […]

  • PA judge rules it was wrong for troopers to search a man’s car after smelling marijuana

    LEHIGH COUNTY, Pa. — A significant ruling regarding marijuana in Pennsylvania: a Lehigh County judge ruled state troopers did not have probable cause to search a man’s vehicle after smelling marijuana during a traffic stop. That man has a medical marijuana license; court documents show he presented the card to troopers during the stop. Judge Maria Dantos wrote in her decision it was “illogical, impractical and unreasonable” for the troopers to search Barr’s car once he showed them his medical […]

  • FOX43 Focal Point: Heroes in Harm’s Way — First responders and mental health

    LANCASTER, Pa. — For the third straight year, police officer suicides exceeded line of duty deaths in the United States. Local first responders are now sharing their battles with mental health issues. FOX43’s Grace Griffaton takes a closer look at the toll the uniform can take. Lancaster Bureau Of Police lost a patrol officer last year after he took his own life. The loss hit the department hard, and it really changed how it looks at mental health. The flashing […]

  • Lititz Borough Police Department invests in outer vests

    LITITZ, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — A  police department in Lancaster County is changing how its officers look. Police officers don’t just wear the uniform; they earn it. Just ask patrolman Samuel Habbershon with Lititz Bureau Police Department. “It’s a sign of accomplishment,” explained Habbershon. “I mean, you get your vest, now you can go do your job now that you worked so hard to get through school.” Part of that uniform carries a heavy weight, literally. “The average duty belt […]

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