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Jackie De Tore co-anchors FOX43 News First at 4. You can also catch her investigative “FOX43 Finds Out” consumer reports airing on Wednesday night during FOX43 news at 10. If you ever need information about a recall, a scam or anything in between – watch Jackie on FOX43 News at 5 with the latest consumer news. She’s also the host of “De Tore’s DIY” which airs right here on on Tuesday nights.

Pennsylvania has been Jackie’s home for a few years. Before coming to Central PA, she was a reporter for WNEP in Scranton. Jackie covered everything from the manhunt for accused cop killer Eric Frien to breaking the biggest real estate fraud investigation in the state.

Prior to working in Pennsylvania, Jackie was an anchor/reporter in Bangor, Maine.

A Long Island, New York native, Jackie graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. During her senior year, she was ABC’s “On The Red Carpet” journalist at the 84th Annual Academy Awards. Jackie reported from the Oscar’s red carpet and interviewed stars like Meryl Streep, Tina Fey and, her personal favorite, George Clooney. (He called her great. She’s still not over it.)

When she’s not working, you can find Jackie on the couch immersed in a Netflix marathon, attempting to train her rescue dog Shea or hopelessly rooting for her favorite teams: the Mets and Jets.

A social media addict, Jackie loves connecting with viewers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you have a story idea or just want to say hello, give her a follow, like or email at

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    More than 100 million people were told their personal information like their social security number, birthday and address had all been compromised. They were told to freeze their credit. It used to be credit bureaus charged a fee to freeze your credit and another fee to lift the freeze for say, a new mortgage or a car loan. Here in Pennsylvania, that cost $10 per credit bureau and $30 for all three of the majors. A new federal law eliminates that. […]

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    The Pennsylvania Department on Environmental Protection has been urging people in the commonwealth to test their homes for radon for years. The magic number is 4, that’s 4  pCi/L. The EPA hopes you have less radon than that in your home. “If you do some testing and you`re above 4, then you want to do some sort of follow up testing,” said Robert Lewis, DEP’s Program Manager for the Radon division. Lewis has some other suggestions too. “We would like […]

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    RED LION, Pa — James Pianowski has heard a recorded message from Samsung dozens of times. “Probably ranges from anywhere from 30-40 phone calls from me to them,” said Pianowski. The man from York County says he has had to call Samsung`s customer service line a lot over the past year because of his Samsung Tablet S3. “The tablet would start to freeze up where the screen would go blank and nothing would work.” He has all of the documentation […]

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    YORK, Pa — Basements are still drying out after flooding in parts of central Pennsylvania and while people are waiting on repairs, experts want to make sure those people are not getting scammed. “I would say the majority of people I`ve spoken to have never had water damage before.” Steve Horning is an insurance agent with State Farm. He says most homeowner and renter insurance policies typically do not cover flood damage, meaning a lot of the repairs may have […]

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    A realtor in York has a new warning for new homeowners. “As soon as you sign your name to buy a home, it`s Guaranteed you`re going to be getting at least one to half a dozen pieces of mail that are looking for you to spend money where you shouldn`t be,” said Adam McCallister, a realtor with McCallister & Myers Real Estate Services in York. He says clients tell him all the time about mail or emails they get shortly after […]