Jackie anchors FOX43 News First at 4 and 5. You can also catch her investigative “FOX43 Finds Out” consumer reports airing on Wednesday nights during FOX43 news at 10.

Pennsylvania has been Jackie’s home a while. Before coming to Central PA, she was a reporter for WNEP in Scranton. Jackie covered everything from the manhunt for accused cop killer Eric Frien to breaking the biggest real estate fraud investigation in the state.

Prior to working in Pennsylvania, Jackie was an anchor/reporter in Bangor, Maine.

A Long Island, New York native, Jackie graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. During her senior year, she was ABC’s “On The Red Carpet” journalist at the 84th Annual Academy Awards. Jackie reported from the Oscar’s red carpet and interviewed stars like Meryl Streep, Tina Fey and, her personal favorite, George Clooney. (He called her great. She’s still not over it.)

When she’s not working, you can find Jackie on the couch immersed in a Netflix marathon, attempting to train her rescue dog Shea or hopelessly rooting for her favorite teams: the Mets and Jets.

A social media addict, Jackie loves connecting with viewers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you have a story idea or just want to say hello, give her a follow, like or email at jdetore@fox43.com.

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    When you open a bank account, you’re probably not thinking about who will end up closing that account when you die. It may be a little morbid though it is something experts say families should be talking about. After helping two people get their money back, FOX43 Finds Out makes sure you have all the proper paperwork when it comes to your family’s bank accounts. “It`s a shame that you should have to fight a bank to get what`s, I […]

  • FOX43 Finds Out: Getting Less Pay During Cancer Treatment

    Corrina Brackbill has been out of work since the beginning of the year, under going surgery and chemotherapy for breast cancer. She says Silver Spring Township is now ending a program that allows her to get her full pay while she’s getting treatment. FOX43 Finds Out if that woman can get the pay she feels she deserves. “I still have a long road ahead of me,” said Brackbill. She is currently undergoing treatment for Stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma. She […]

  • FOX43 Finds Out: Time is running out to file a hail damage claim

    LANCASTER, Pa — Most insurance companies allow people a year to file a hail damage claim. South Central PA saw a big hail storm last May that damaged plenty of roofs. A crew from TEC were recently replacing the roof of a home in Lancaster. A project manager says his company alone has replaced more than 1,000 roofs over the past 10 months that were damaged in that hail storm. “What will happen with these impact marks is that over […]

  • FOX43 Finds Out: Don’t Let Your Cellphone Spy on You

    It may sometimes feel like our cellphones are permanently attached to our hands. and it can collect a ton of information about us, between our emails, apps and browsing. “Arguably the best spying device ever created is being carried around in our pockets and our purses,” said Kevin Haley, a cyber security expert at Norton Lifelock. He says app developers are attempting to cash in on our information by using the technology on devices. “It has a listening device, it […]

  • FOX43 Finds Out: Closing a Parent’s Bank Account

    SPRING GROVE, Pa — It has been a rough few months for the Lau family in Spring Grove, York County. “In July, my mother passed away. 16 days later my father passed away,” said Todd Lau. He’s the oldest son of Jeffery and Mary Lau. Each of his parent`s had a will. His mother`s will left everything to his father – and vice versa. Since his mother passed away first, Lau thought it would make the most sense to start […]

  • FOX43 Finds Out: Paying for a Stolen Grave Marker

    A family says someone stole their parent’s grave marker from a cemetery in Lancaster County and FOX43 Finds Out who pays for it to be replaced: the cemetery or the family? “My father`s was on top right here and my mother`s was right below it.” Chester Gerhart explains what his parent’s grave marker used to look like. The family says someone recently stole the marker from Greenwood Cemetery in Lancaster. Gerhart’s sister, Gloria Kahler, contacted someone who works for the […]

  • FOX43 Finds Out: Suing the Insurance Company

    For homeowners, going on your roof probably isn`t an everyday occurrence. That`s why Joseph Nolte trusted an Erie Insurance Group adjuster check his roof in Manchester Township, York County and explain if he any damage after a hail storm in May of last year. “The adjuster told me we had damage to our ridge vent, our gutters, our down spouts, our fascia, our window screens, the air conditioner vents were all damaged, but he said the roof was fine,” said […]

  • FOX43 Finds Out: Hail Damage Debate

    Some Erie Insurance Group customers in Central Pennsylvania have been complaining, saying they feel duped by their homeowner’s insurance company after a hail storm last year. When we originally reached out to Erie Insurance Group as to why people in York County were getting denied hail damage claims when they’re neighbors were getting approved, Erie’s corporate office didn’t answer most of our questions citing privacy laws. After our story aired, we had some local Erie insurance agents reach out to […]

  • FOX43 Finds Out: Your REAL ID Questions Answered

    REAL ID is expected to be rolled out in Pennsylvania in March. “We`re planning for March 1st, assuming we don`t have a big blizzard or something we expect that that`s going to be the case,” said Alexis Campbell, PennDOT’s Community Relations Coordinator. You don’t have to get a REAL ID. Pennsylvania is an opt-in state. “I think a lot of people will be very relieved to know they have the option and then for folks who don`t want it, they […]

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