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  • Soldiers deploying overseas celebrate being home for the holidays

    ‘Home for the holidays’ has special meaning this year to 31 Pennsylvania Army National Guard soldiers at Fort Indiantown Gap in Lebanon County. Days from now they will pack up for a nine month deployment that will take them to Texas and then to the Middle East. Many of the 31 faces in the crowd admit, this is their first deployment. Saturday, they stood together at Fort Indiantown Gap for a farewell ceremony amid family and friends. “I think it’s […]

  • Expert snipers take their shot for chance at a national competition

    Hitting a target nearly 1,000 meters away is difficult. But, hitting a target from different angles, distances and heights while the target is also moving, can be next to impossible. At Fort Indiantown Gap this weekend, Pennsylvania National Guardsmen are proving they are up to the challenge. Expert snipers are staring down shots for a chance to take part in the Winston P. Wilson Championship, a national competition held in April. The Marksman Training Unit is hosting the local event […]

  • Proposal to add a 2-for-1 sticker to Pennsylvania vehicles is awaiting House committee vote

    Registration stickers haven’t been on Pennsylvania vehicles since 2017. But, a proposal could bring those stickers back in a two-for-one deal that would also eliminate inspection stickers on the front of vehicles. House Bill 1509 introduced by State Rep. Barry Jozwiak is proposing combining inspection and registration into one sticker that would be placed on the back of vehicles. Rep. Jozwiak told FOX43, the bill seeks to address multiple issues including verifying that vehicles are registered, inspected and insured. He […]

  • Holiday season brings more adoptions & more surrenders for animal shelters

    Many will be celebrating their holiday with the gift of a new meow or bark. But, as many area animal shelters experience high adoption rates this season, they also experience a high rate of surrenders. Lindsay High of Pennsylvania SPCA Lancaster center admits many families face hard financial times during the holiday season, and many respond by giving up their animal. “A lot of people will come in and adopt an animal as a gift for the holidays,” High said. […]

  • Holiday season sparks season of heightened awareness for police

    ‘Tis the season for holiday shopping, eggnog and decorations. But for many first responders, one local expert says, it is also the season for increased calls. Among the snowmen, Santa hats and Christmas tree that adorn Ryan Morris’ office, is tactical gear, weapons and bomb-defusing teaching devices. Morris is the CEO of Tripwire Operations Group in Gettysburg that specializes in training first responders including more than 4,000 police departments in addition to the FBI and the military. “Being a veteran […]

  • Shoppers spend big for small business Saturday

    It’s Saturday afternoon in downtown York and shoppers are still packing shops. It’s a sight business owners were hoping to see the day after Black Friday. Co-owner Amanda Axe of Cherie Ann admits small business Saturday is “huge” for her stores bottom line. The owner of the shop next door, Rebecca Wattenschaidt agrees when it comes to her business Elizabeth & West Fashion House. “Hands down, busiest day of the year,” she said, adding that she opened the shop two […]

  • Tragic deaths of 2 fire fighters inspire families to save lives across the region

    Rodney Miller didn’t know when he was building a shelf to honor the life of Zac Sweitzer that the two would soon be bound by tragedy. The men formed a close friendship at the Loganville Fire company, where Miller served as Chief and Sweitzer volunteered. “Zac actually helped build our house,” Rodney’s wife, Michelle Miller, remembers. “Right before Zac’s crash, he was hunting with Rodney.” Zac Sweitzer died after a crash Thanksgiving morning 2008. He was driving home from his […]

  • Pennsylvania law will make hunters watch out for purple

    November 30th marks the day when more hunters will take to the woods for antlered and anterless deer. But as hunting season rolls on in Pennsylvania, hunters will soon see something new in the woods. Vertical purple lines on trees will act as no trespassing signs on property. House bill 1772 was signed into law this week and it’s set to take effect within 60 days. The law allows purple marks to be placed on trees or posts to mark […]

  • Plate Patrol packs ‘blessings’ for families in need this Thanksgiving

    115 Turkeys, 12 family-sized pans of spanish rice, mac and cheese and two skids of drinks. Chief Michael Muldrow admits, it’s a “boatload” of food. But, he hopes it will allow nearly 1,000 families to feast this Thanksgiving. Muldrow is the self-proclaimed dispatcher of the ‘Plate Patrol’ operation. He works for school police in the district of the city of York. His army of volunteers include students, other police departments and social workers who woke up early Thanksgiving morning and […]

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