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  • Vietnam War Memorial set to undergo repairs as it marks its 10th anniversary

    Repairs are planned for the Vietnam War Memorial in West Manchester Township, York County. Harold Redding is one veteran who has been asking when repairs would happen. He showed FOX43 a missing pillar, uneven bricks and granite issues. He said the memorial is a great thing for the community, but “someone I felt needed to speak out about the condition of it.” This month marks the memorial’s 10th anniversary. “These names around this memorial make it hallowed ground. It needs […]

  • Governor issues call for people to apply for pardons for non-violent marijuana convictions

    Governor Wolf is urging people to apply for a pardon if they have been convicted of a non-violent marijuana offense. The plan is part of his 3-step proposal to: 1. Legalize recreational marijuana 2. Ask the legislature to get a bill to the governor’s desk that decriminalizes non-violent and small cannabis-related offenses 3. Seek a path to restorative justice through the expungement of past convictions of non-violent and small cannabis-related crimes The Lt. Governor has already asked the Board of […]

  • Investigation into York Fair accident that hurt 2 is nearly over

    The investigation into the accident at the York Fair is “within a couple weeks” of being over. Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding was asked about the incident during an event in York County today. “The accident report is almost completed. The investigation is almost complete. We’re not quite there yet. I can tell you that the Ferris wheel continues to carry the stop use,” he said. The accident injured two people at the Giant Wheel near the midway last month. […]

  • Lebanon County reconsiders policy that bans people from using medical marijuana on probation, ACLU says

    Lebanon County is taking another look at the ruling that bans people from using medical marijuana while on probation, the ACLU said. The ACLU said it sent a letter to President Judge John Tylwalk asking him to reconsider the policy and to not enforce it on its starting date of October 1. “We found out yesterday that the court had agreed not to violate anybody starting today (October 1st) and we found out this morning that the board of judges […]

  • Self-proclaimed crime-fighter records another confrontation with man in Lancaster County

    Self-proclaimed crime-fighter Justin Perry, or Mr. 17540, recorded another confrontation with a man after Perry claims that man drove from Delaware to Leola to meet what he thought was a 15-year-old girl. The 15-year-old girl was Perry, who was posing as the teen, Perry said. “He sent me a message Sunday night and I just continued it all day yesterday until he was done with work and he came to meet me,” said Perry. Perry said the man traveled more […]

  • Crime-fighting vigilante gets his first conviction after recorded encounter

    A self-proclaimed crime-fighting vigilante has his first conviction. Justin Perry, who goes by the alias Mr. 17540 online, posed as a 15-year-old girl, exchanged messages with an adult man and then arranged to meet the suspect at Binns park in Lancaster July 19th. Perry said, at the time, the suspect still thought he was a teenage girl. Perry recorded the encounter. “He was definitely shocked,” said Perry. Police said the suspect, 37-year-old Thomas Wise of Columbia, also thought he was […]

  • Report recommends fee for plant-based milk products in Pennsylvania

    A report is recommending Pennsylvania adds a fee to plant-based beverages. The recommendation was just one of 9 issued in the study by the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee on the dairy industry. Lawmakers in the General Assembly will decide what to do next with the findings. “I think the number one recommendation is getting some sort of fee on these plant-based beverages,” said Stephen Fickes of the Legislative Budget an Finance Committee. He added, “I think if these products […]

  • Health alert for hunters about tuberculosis spread through deer

    The Centers for Disease Control is issuing a reminder to hunters about tuberculosis spread through deer infected with M. bovis. The Pennsylvania Department of Health said the problem has not yet been reported in Pennsylvania. But, the CDC issued the reminder after they said a case was first reported in 2017 when a 77-year-old man in Michigan contracted tuberculosis. They said, the man regularly hunted and field-dressed deer. Since then, more cases have been reported. “A deer would have swollen […]

  • House Republicans have “no plans or interest” in legalizing recreational marijuana in PA

    Republicans are firing back after Governor Tom Wolf expressed his support to legalize recreational marijuana and called on the General Assembly to debate it. In a statement, House Republican leadership said “our caucus has no plans or interest in legalizing recreational marijuana.” Read the full statement here. This statement was also released from the office of the majority leader, Sen. Jake Cornman: Our focus has been and will continue to be on the health of the medical marijuana program in […]

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