Greetings and salutations! I happily joined the Fox 43 Weather Smart Team in November of 2018. I packed my bags and settled into South-Central PA after spending a year and a half forecasting the fickle and tricky weather patterns of West Virginia. While in Clarksburg, I worked for WDTV as the weekday morning and noon meteorologist. Prior to living in the wild and wonderful state, I spent some time in radio broadcasting as well, delivering forecasts to multiple stations in the Southeast.

Now, let’s rewind. I was born and raised in the city that never sleeps. From snowy winters to hot and humid summers, weather in New York City is rarely regular or boring. The desire to learn and master one of the most unpredictable phenomena in the world is what has driven me to become a meteorologist. I took my passion for weather to Rutgers University and graduated in 2017 with a major in Meteorology and minor in Business Administration. Throughout my 4 years in college, I created and delivered forecasts in our very own studio. I spent many long days interning in the newsrooms of News 12 New Jersey, ABC’s Good Morning America and World News Tonight. I have always been fascinated with all things weather but snow in particular is my favorite, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to forecast South Central PA’s winter weather! Keeping you safe when dangerous weather is imminent is my main priority.

On rare occasion when I’m not weather crazy, I have other interests as well! I learned how to play the piano at a very young age and I love sitting down and mastering a new piece. Cuddling up on my couch with my kitten Timmy and watching HGTV is another one of my guilty pleasures. If you have any questions about weather, I have the answer! Reach out to me on social media through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Or we can chat about weather the old fashioned way – send me an email at

Recent Articles
  • Severe storms likely tonight: flooding, damaging winds, and power outages possible!

    SEVERE STORMS TONIGHT: The Storm Prediction Center has upgraded our SLIGHT RISK, level 2 out of 5, to ENHANCED RISK, a level 3 out of 5, for the entire Susquehanna Valley. This means that any storms that do form have an enhanced risk to turn severe. The main threats we have been monitoring have not changed, in fact they have a more likelihood of happening. Damaging wind gusts from straight line winds, flash flooding from heavy rain, power outages, and […]

  • Strong to severe storms possible Sunday night!

    STORM POTENTIAL SUNDAY NIGHT: We start off the morning with a few showers on Sunday as a warm front lifts north through the area. By the afternoon, we will find ourselves in the warm sector wedged between a warm front and a cold front. A few showers are still possible through the day, but we can see a good amount of dry time during the afternoon as well. By the evening, a strong line of storms is likely to develop […]

  • Rain showers on the way for tonight and an unseasonably warm start to the week likely!

    RAIN SHOWERS RETURNING: We woke up to some sunshine early Sunday morning, but the clouds filtered back in. Despite the cloud cover, temperatures had no problem climbing into the upper 60s to low 70s this afternoon! Warmer temperatures are just around the corner, but rain showers are back with us as well. A quick round of showers continues to develop over Western PA which is closing in on the area this evening. A few showers will be possible in our […]

  • Mild temperatures have returned and more rain showers are on the way!

    WARMING UP: We kicked off the weekend on a gorgeous note with clouds exiting and bright sunshine returning. We dealt with some dense morning fog, but after that we have been full speed ahead for a perfect start to the weekend! Temperatures managed to climb into the mid 60s this afternoon under cloudless skies, topping out around 10 degrees above average for this time of year. We are also siting around 20-30 degrees warmer than where we were at this […]

  • Rain showers continue this evening before drying up heading into the weekend!

    DREARY AND CHILLY FRIDAY: Unfortunately we are not ending the week on the same note as the past couple of days. Temperatures have crashed into the 40s, and if that’s not already bad, we also have to deal with winds and rain. We are sitting around 15 to 20 degrees colder than where we were yesterday! High pressure centered over Massachusetts is the culprit for the strong easterly flow we are experiencing. That easterly wind is bringing in cooler conditions […]

  • Cooler temperatures return with a nice dry stretch of weather ahead!

    COOL START TO WORK WEEK: We had a gorgeous first half of the weekend, but unfortunately Mother Nature had to give us a reality check. We are not in the summer season yet, and mid 70s are significantly above average for this time of year. A cold front crossed the area early Sunday and brought back chillier temperatures, and while we have been dropping through the day we still had some mild air with us this morning. Tonight, temperatures will […]

  • Drastic temperature swings over the next 24 hours as chilly air returns!

    A TALE OF TWO SEASONS: From summer-like temperatures today to the 40s tomorrow we go! Our weekend started out nothing short of gorgeous, mild, and dry! Temperatures topped out in the low to mid 70s across the are with southerly to southeasterly winds. We saw some sunshine today, although it was that milky sunshine with high clouds not allowing for clear skies. Pushing into tonight, a cold front will cross the area bringing an end to the gorgeous weather from […]

  • Showers drying up tonight and temperatures soaring Saturday afternoon!

    SHOWERS ENDING: After a wet and dreary start to Friday morning, showers will be drying up this afternoon. Light, but steady rain continues to fall until about 3 PM and we dry up after that. Temperatures will have no trouble warming into the low 60s this afternoon given the warm start to the day. Unfortunately, the cloud cover stays with us even after the rain showers stop. Temperatures tonight don’t cool much thanks to cloud cover again acting as a […]

  • Showers come to an end tonight with cooler temperatures tomorrow!

    SHOWERS ENDING TONIGHT: After starting the work week off on a dreary note, we will be saying goodbye to showers this evening. Rain started early this afternoon and overspread the area as light, but steady rain. We also started off the day on a very mild note with temperatures in the low 50s early morning! As showers moved in, temperatures have been slowly dropping through the day. By 8-9 PM tonight, the last drops should be falling and clouds will […]

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