Greetings and salutations! I happily joined the Fox 43 Weather Smart Team in November of 2018. I packed my bags and settled into South-Central PA after spending a year and a half forecasting the fickle and tricky weather patterns of West Virginia. While in Clarksburg, I worked for WDTV as the weekday morning and noon meteorologist. Prior to living in the wild and wonderful state, I spent some time in radio broadcasting as well, delivering forecasts to multiple stations in the Southeast.

Now, let’s rewind. I was born and raised in the city that never sleeps. From snowy winters to hot and humid summers, weather in New York City is rarely regular or boring. The desire to learn and master one of the most unpredictable phenomena in the world is what has driven me to become a meteorologist. I took my passion for weather to Rutgers University and graduated in 2017 with a major in Meteorology and minor in Business Administration. Throughout my 4 years in college, I created and delivered forecasts in our very own studio. I spent many long days interning in the newsrooms of News 12 New Jersey, ABC’s Good Morning America and World News Tonight. I have always been fascinated with all things weather but snow in particular is my favorite, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to forecast South Central PA’s winter weather! Keeping you safe when dangerous weather is imminent is my main priority.

On rare occasion when I’m not weather crazy, I have other interests as well! I learned how to play the piano at a very young age and I love sitting down and mastering a new piece. Cuddling up on my couch with my kitten Timmy and watching HGTV is another one of my guilty pleasures. If you have any questions about weather, I have the answer! Reach out to me on social media through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Or we can chat about weather the old fashioned way – send me an email at

Recent Articles
  • Few light snow showers possible tonight, breezy winds continue Wednesday!

    FEW LIGHT SNOW SHOWERS: A couple flurries to a few light snow showers will be possible tonight and tomorrow thanks to a disturbance in the upper levels. A dip in the jet stream will allow colder air to funnel in and force rising air across the Great Lakes and northeast. These ingredients will create an environment that is favorable for some precipitation. Given the cold air aloft and the fact that this will start during the overnight period while temperatures […]

  • Gusty winds picking up tonight, cold wind chills early Tuesday morning!

    WINDS PICKING UP: In the wake of the coastal low that finally clears the area tonight, gusty winds will be picking heading into Tuesday. Strong northerly flow will keep us rather chilly as well, with temperatures tonight falling into the 20s. On Tuesday afternoon, the sunshine should return, but daytime temperatures will be stuck in the low 40s. Add in breezy winds and wind chills will likely be stuck in the 30s for most of the day. The winds will […]

  • Strong storm system will bring two rounds of winter weather Sunday and Monday!

    ICY MIX EARLY SUNDAY: A potent storm system that’s been wreaking havoc across the country will move into our area tonight, bringing us some wintry weather. We’ll see frozen precipitation in two rounds — Sunday and Monday. The most concerning part of this storm is the potential of accumulating ice from freezing rain. Precipitation will likely move in very late tonight, after midnight in the form of a mix between freezing rain and plain rain. As temperatures drop through the […]

  • Dangerous ice storm likely to create travel headaches Sunday, plus more winter weather possible Monday!

    COLD NIGHT AHEAD: High pressure will nose in tonight, clearing our skies and calming the winds. As these ingredients come together, Mother Nature will create the perfect night for temperatures to cool rapidly. We will likely fall into the mid to upper 20s tonight, making for a cold night ahead! Saturday morning will likely start on a bright and sunny note, but with our next system approaching, the clouds will build back in during the afternoon hours. We should still […]

  • Chilly and breezy Black Friday, plus wintry mix could create hazardous travel Sunday!

    CHILLY BLACK FRIDAY: Make sure you bundle up with some extra layers if you’re heading out to do some Black Friday shopping this year. Winds will remain breezy through Friday with gusts around 20-25 mph still likely. Temperatures tomorrow will likely also be a bit chillier than today as winds shift from the northwesterly direction to northerly. A bit more in the way of sunshine will be likely for Friday, but with the breezy winds and cooler temperatures, it is […]

  • Winds calm down through the night, plus warmer temperatures arrive for the start of the week!

    WINDS CALMING TONIGHT: Breezy conditions today added an extra layer of chill to the already below average temperatures. Tonight, skies will be clearing and winds will slowly be calming down. They should still remain on the breezy side until about midnight and relax into the pre-dawn hours of Monday. As much drier air filters in tonight, temperatures should be able to fall into the low 30s. The only question that remains is if the winds are too strong to allow […]

  • Soggy first half of the day Sunday, plus winds ramping up to end the weekend!

    SOGGY SUNDAY MORNING: The wet weather has made a return and will stay with us through the rest of Saturday night and early Sunday morning. A good soaking rain is likely through the overnight period and into the first half of the day tomorrow. Temperatures will likely be held in check tonight given the wet weather and cloud cover, we should only fall into the upper 30s tonight. Rounds of moderate to heavy rain will be mostly around the pre-dawn […]

  • Winds stay on the breezy side Wednesday, plus back-to-back rain chances to end the week!

    BREEZY WEDNESDAY: As a disturbance in the upper levels of the atmosphere swings through tomorrow, winds will likely pick up and stay on the breezy side. Winds will shift from the westerly direction to the northwesterly direction through the entire atmospheric profile, which is usually indicative of a cooler day. For this reason, temperatures will likely be a couple of degrees low tomorrow afternoon than where we are today. With sustained winds around 10-15 mph and gusts getting up to […]

  • A couple showers move in tonight, then clouds clear and temperatures rebound nicely!

    COUPLE SHOWERS TONIGHT: A weak system will bring a couple of showers our way tonight, mainly along the eastern half of our counties. Clouds broke up this afternoon allowing for some sunshine to return and for temperatures to climb into the mid to upper 40s in spots. The clouds will thicken back up tonight as the system closes in. The best chance for a few showers will be 9 PM – 3 AM tonight with all of the wet weather […]

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