Greetings and salutations! I happily joined the Fox 43 Weather Smart Team in November of 2018. I packed my bags and settled into South-Central PA after spending a year and a half forecasting the fickle and tricky weather patterns of West Virginia. While in Clarksburg, I worked for WDTV as the weekday morning and noon meteorologist. Prior to living in the wild and wonderful state, I spent some time in radio broadcasting as well, delivering forecasts to multiple stations in the Southeast.

Now, let’s rewind. I was born and raised in the city that never sleeps. From snowy winters to hot and humid summers, weather in New York City is rarely regular or boring. The desire to learn and master one of the most unpredictable phenomena in the world is what has driven me to become a meteorologist. I took my passion for weather to Rutgers University and graduated in 2017 with a major in Meteorology and minor in Business Administration. Throughout my 4 years in college, I created and delivered forecasts in our very own studio. I spent many long days interning in the newsrooms of News 12 New Jersey, ABC’s Good Morning America and World News Tonight. I have always been fascinated with all things weather but snow in particular is my favorite, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to forecast South Central PA’s winter weather! Keeping you safe when dangerous weather is imminent is my main priority.

On rare occasion when I’m not weather crazy, I have other interests as well! I learned how to play the piano at a very young age and I love sitting down and mastering a new piece. Cuddling up on my couch with my kitten Timmy and watching HGTV is another one of my guilty pleasures. If you have any questions about weather, I have the answer! Reach out to me on social media through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Or we can chat about weather the old fashioned way – send me an email at

Recent Articles
  • Potent storm system will bring heavy rain and gusty winds tomorrow, even stronger winds Thursday!

    STORM SYSTEM COMING: Monday and Tuesday both shaped up beautifully, but it was just the calm before the storm. Temperatures this afternoon warmed into the mid to upper 60s with plenty of sunshine! A few high clouds are starting to move in out ahead of our next storm system which is currently spinning over the upper mid-west. This wave of low pressure will swing through the Great Lakes tomorrow and at the coast, another system will develop. Sandwiched in between […]

  • Another beautiful day for Tuesday before potent storm delivers gusty winds and heavy rain Wednesday!

    GORGEOUS TUESDAY: Following in the footsteps of a perfect start to the work week, Tuesday will be almost as gorgeous as Monday! We’ll start to tack on a bit more cloud cover and for that reason temperatures will be a hair cooler tomorrow. We will still be above average, in fact today we managed to get into the low to mid 70s across the area! That’s about 10 degrees warmer than where we should be at for this time of […]

  • Another chilly night ahead, much warmer temperatures Monday afternoon!

    FRIGID MORNING, NICE AFTERNOON: We started off the morning on a frigid note here in south-central PA. Never underestimate the power of clear skies, a fresh batch of cool air, high pressure in control, and calm winds. These ingredients together allowed us to start off the morning in the low 30s in spots! York got down to just 33 degrees this morning, and no frost advisories were in effect. Other spots were in the mid to upper 30s for overnight […]

  • Cold front crosses through and brings a fresh pool of chilly air tonight!

    CHILLY NIGHT AHEAD: A cold front has crossed through the area and temperatures will drop off quickly tonight. Much cooler and drier air is filtering into the state as winds shift from southerly to northwesterly. Skies will clear out tonight, plus winds will calm down — these ingredients together combined with a fresh pool of cold air will create the perfect environment for a chilly night ahead! Most of northern PA is under a frost advisory, but for us temperatures […]

  • More rain on the way for Monday, temperatures hang near average this week!

    MUGGY MONDAY: We ended off this weekend on a lazy Sunday note with overcast skies and a few showers moving through. This wet weather is out ahead of a potent cold front that will actually swing through tomorrow. Even more in the way of precipitation is expected as we kick off the new work week. Tonight, areas of fog will be possible with temperatures and dew points nearly identical. We should get some dry time early in the morning before […]

  • Brief bump up in temperatures ahead of our next rain-maker, cooler temperatures next week!

    TEMPERATURES ON THE RISE: After dropping off into the 30s last night, temperatures will be on the rise for the next 2 days. A taste of summer returns as we make a run for the low 70s on Sunday and Monday. Aside from those two days, temperatures will be stuck in the 60s for the rest of the week. On top of that, we will actually be a good bit below average for this time of year. Tonight we will […]

  • Tonight likely to be the coldest night since April!

    CHILLY TEMPS CONTINUE: Finally, some fall like temperatures that are mostly here to stay! Plenty of sunshine has returned after a series of cold fronts crossed through the area. Drier air continues to filter in out of Canada as strong northerly flow bring in even cooler temperatures tonight. We could be seeing our first frost of the season in spots tonight as temperatures dip into the 30s in our valleys. How cold we get tonight will depend solely on whether […]

  • CENTER STAGE: A classic thriller, revamped for Prima Theatre’s “Jekyll and Hyde”

    LANCASTER, Pa. – Whether in the original Robert Louis Stevenson novel (1886) or the Broadway musical that debuted in 1990, odds are you are familiar with the tales of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This show is not that tale. Remastered from the musical that was three hours long, this version is a pulse-pounding thriller cut down to 90-minutes. That doesn’t give you much time to breathe as you go from tense moment to tense moment. “Jekyll and Hyde” runs […]

  • A roughly 30 degree change in temperatures in just 24 hours, plus more cool air tomorrow!

    QUITE THE DIFFERENCE: We’ve seen a dramatic change in temperatures from yesterday when we were in the 90s to today when we are struggling to hold onto the 60s! We’ve barely broken out of the 50s in spots thanks to strong easterly flow that has set up across the Northeast. Cloud cover and a bit of moisture has kept us dreary and drizzly so far today. Meanwhile, just to our west towards Pittsburgh, and as close as Richmond, VA — […]

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