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  • REVIEW: “Starlink” gets space action just right

    Whether on land or in space, piloting your ship just feels great. “Starlink” is fast and fun, combining speed, combat and flashy effects into a smooth mix that never falters. The game absolutely nails controls and combat, making it easy to cruise past the placeholder drama.

  • REVIEW: “Armello” brings an animal fantasy board game to your screen

    Each game of “Armello” puts four players on a map of randomized forests, swamps and towns, with the king's castle at the center. The playable avatars – ranging from noble wolves to sneaky rats – all have various strengths and weaknesses that lean into the game's mechanics of die-rolling, card-playing and moving around the board. “Armello” is like if the Muppets got together and decided on doing a really serious sword-and-sorcery epic.

  • REVIEW: Newest “Yakuza” game is another pulp fiction treat

    One loose translation for the Japanese word “kiwami” is “ultimate,” branding this game as the ultimate version of a 2006 cult classic. “Yakuza Kiwami 2” may be a remake, but that doesn't mean the game doesn't measure up to today's video game standards. It looks and plays great, plus tells an engrossing tale of schemes, betrayal and heartbreak.

  • REVIEW: “Villainous” board game delivers on Disney theme

    “Villainous” excels at dropping you inside a Disney movie, with the twist being that you want the villain to win. If you're ready for a Disney-themed game that works hard to deliver on that Disney theming, you're ready for “Disney Villainous.”

  • REVIEW: Crash Bandicoot remaster still a little creaky

    “Crash Bandicoot” is still a bear of a game, and you're better off putting it aside when you get stuck so you can enjoy a confidence-boosting jaunt in the trilogy's two less-frustrating options, “Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back” and “Crash Bandicoot: Warped.”

  • REVIEW: Mysteries are child’s play with “Detective Pikachu”

    In the end, “Detective Pikachu” has trouble staying interesting. Although the central mystery of the missing father is clear, there's a fair amount of wheel-spinning and bland characterization that drags it down. Get it for the kids, but don't expect it to occupy them for very long.

  • REVIEW: “Far Cry 5” starts strong but stumbles

    Even at the easiest difficulty, you can expect to die a lot in “Far Cry 5.” Enemies are great at sensing your presence and swarming you on all sides. The balance for this is that you can have sidekick characters join you, any one of whom can bring you back to life. While most of these specialists are human resistance fighters armed with flamethrowers and sniper rifles, three of the sidekicks are animals. It's fun to try to sneak through a base with a dog to scout out enemy locations and a bear to clobber them.

  • REVIEW: “Yakuza 6” is binge-worthy gaming

    Video games franchises like “Grand Theft Auto” and “Saint's Row” have balanced on that intersection of serious vs. silly (and sexy) to varying degrees. However, “Yakuza” is able to maintain an earnestness all its own. There's hours of play time here, inside a compelling and contemporary world.

  • REVIEW: Run a VR checkout counter and a grenade launcher with “Shooty Fruity”

    “Shooty Fruity” does exactly what it says: it shoots fruit. This new video game release brings the simplistic shooting gallery concept into the virtual reality age, but with a tasty twist.