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  • REVIEW: Mario and Sonic’s Olympic preview is no gold medal winner

    This “Mario & Sonic” Olympic trip includes over thirty games, ranging from official Olympic sports to more fantastical events. Depending on the game, you can have up to four competing players and up to eight when playing online. Most of the games are simple, relying on either timed button presses or motion controls to simulate running hurdles or swimming laps. The various sports are also featured in a “story mode” that ends up being the game's most interesting component... although that bar is not especially high.

  • REVIEW: ‘River City Girls’ brings brawling back in style

    “River City Girls” lovingly homages a bygone era of video games without ignoring modern style and improvements. It's great to see a simple two-player brawling game upend the typical “boy saves girl” story with so much gusto.

  • REVIEW: ‘Super Blood Hockey’ is worth a check

    “Super Blood Hockey” takes the faded memory of 1990's sports video games and pumps it up with modernized effects, sophomoric humor, and a goofy franchise mode. It's pixel-people hockey, but with a slight “Adult Swim”-style tweak where little red blood cubes spray whenever the players bounce into each other (you can toggle this “blood” off... or even add more of it.) Despite some cringe-inducing moments, “Super Blood Hockey” handily replicates the breezy simplicity of the retro sports games it homages.

  • REVIEW: Rats flow like water in ‘Plague Tale’

    In many ways, “Plague Tale” feels like a throwback to the action-adventure games of the early PlayStation era. It's single-player, linear, heavily focused on narrative, and built to graphically impress. There's no battle royale, online multiplayer or sprawling open world environments. The game is mostly compact stealth scenarios where you sneak Amicia through enemy patrols. Once you make it from Point A to Point B without getting caught, the game serves up another scene in the story.

  • REVIEW: Translate a sci-fi language in “Heaven’s Vault”

    reviewed on PlayStation 4 / rated T / $24.99 / released April 2019 OFFICIAL SITE: FINAL: You should TRY this game. 3 out of 5 stars In “Heaven’s Vault,” you’ll explore a pocket-sized universe of moons and ruins, but unlike most sci-fi video games, you’re not there to gun down aliens. The goal of “Heaven’s Vault” is to piece together a forgotten language. As the game begins, archaeologist Aliya Elasra is tasked with locating a missing peer, roboticist Janniqi Renba. […]

  • REVIEW: 90s game icons get ‘Back in the Groove’

    The original “ToeJam & Earl” was a rare treasure: a cooperative, (mostly) non-violent video game that combined the “play forever” style of early arcade games with a modern focus on personality and narrative. “Back in the Groove” is less unique these days, but it is still a good party game, warts and all.

  • REVIEW: Smash returns to Nintendo fans in Ultimate form

    Built on the bones of 2014's “Super Smash Bros. For Wii U,” “Ultimate” first arrived in gamers' feeds with the promise to include every character that had ever been in “Smash” before, including characters that the series had previously sidestepped like Pichu and Young Link. Plus – to avoid looking like just a late port of the Wii U version - “Ultimate” adds in an impressive set of all-new characters. The end result is over 70 fighters, 100 stages, hundreds of music tracks and the sense that Nintendo is really going to have to work hard to top this one.

  • REVIEW: Two new “Persona” games hit the dance floor

    Following up on original entries in the “Persona” series, “Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight” and “Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight” both focus on tapping to the beat while a squad of anime avatars boogie in the background. Both games are fun, but the overall package is light on content.

  • REVIEW: “Starlink” gets space action just right

    Whether on land or in space, piloting your ship just feels great. “Starlink” is fast and fun, combining speed, combat and flashy effects into a smooth mix that never falters. The game absolutely nails controls and combat, making it easy to cruise past the placeholder drama.

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