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  • Five $50,000 Powerball tickets in PA

    PA LOTTERY – Before the Powerball® jackpot rolled to an estimated $750 million annuity value, or $428.6 million cash prize, five Pennsylvania Lottery Powerball tickets worth $50,000 each were sold for the Wednesday, October 24, drawing. The five tickets matched four of the five white balls drawn, 03-21-45-53-56, and the red Powerball, 22, to win the $50,000 prize, less applicable withholding. Those tickets were sold at: -Speedway, 486 Fishing Creek Road, Etters, York County. -Giant Food Store, 1465 W. Broad […]

  • Police: Girls who planned to kill ‘at least 15’ middle school classmates found with knives, map

    BARTOW, Fla. — Two middle school girls in Florida planned to go on a stabbing spree and kill several students Tuesday, according to WTVT. Bartow police said a Bartow Middle School teacher heard about the plan from a student and notified the principal, who in turn called police. Assistant Principal Chandra Johnson found the two girls, ages 11 and 12, hiding in a bathroom before they could carry out the attack, according to Bartow Police Chief Joe Hall. They were […]

  • No winner in Powerball drawing, jackpot now up to $750 million

    If you didn’t win the nearly $1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot, $750 million might be a nice consolation prize. That second figure was the potential jackpot the Powerball stood at early Thursday after there was no winner Wednesday night. The numbers drawn were 3, 21, 45, 53, 56, and the Powerball was 22. Unlike the Mega Millions, whose odds were 1 in 302 million, the Powerball has better chances of 1 in 292.2 million. If there is a winner, it […]

  • US pastor Andrew Brunson freed by Turkish court, flies to Germany

    (CNN) — American pastor Andrew Brunson, released after being detained in Turkey for two years, has landed at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany, a senior US administration official said Friday night. Brunson is expected to spend a brief time at Ramstein before flying to Washington on Saturday, a White House spokesman said. Speaking at a rally in Ohio, President Trump said he plans to meet with Brunson. I welcomed Pastor Brunson & his wife to Germany on their refueling […]

  • Amazon delivery person watches his van roll into parked car, then drives away

    LAWRENCE, Kan. – Police in Kansas are trying to identify a driver who they say left the scene after his unattended delivery van hit a parked car, and it was all caught on video. It happened in the parking lot of a sorority house on Kansas University’s campus. “One of my friends texted me yesterday morning, and she said, “Are you OK? What happened to your car?” said the KU sophomore who owns the car that was hit. She asked […]

  • Alcohol

    Birds keep crashing into things, police think it’s because they’re drunk

    (CNN) — Robins, cedar waxwings and other birds in Gilbert, Minnesota, are flying into windshields, bumping into trees and looking mighty disoriented. Police there say there’s no need to worry — the birds are just a little drunk. “It appears some birds are getting a little more ‘tipsy’ than normal,” Gilbert Police Chief Ty Techar wrote this week in a Facebook post. No, the town’s birds aren’t downing worm-flavored margaritas. Techar believes their confused state is the result of eating berries […]

  • 13 girls ask high school boy to homecoming after he was turned down, laughed at on video

    GRAY, La. — A Louisiana high school boy took a leap of faith, asking a close friend to the homecoming dance. Unfortunately, the proposal didn’t end so well with a video gaining thousands of views on Facebook of kids laughing at him. Sophomore Dakota Nelton goes to school at H.L. Bourgeois in Gray, Lousiana, and says the school is supposed to stand for bravery, care, and happiness. But when Dakota did a scary thing and asked a girl to be […]

  • Beekeeper generates lots of buzz after removing giant hive from behind brick wall

    GERMANTOWN, Tenn. – A beekeeper is going viral after a wild bee extraction from a Tennessee home. David Glover, also known as the Bartlett Bee Whisperer, said he got a call about the home last week. “I go and get bees from places where people don’t want them and relocate them,” he told WREG. “To get them out of the house we had to remove the bricks.” The first brick removal gave him a clue with the small bit of […]

  • Popeyes celebrates 3,000th store with 24 Karat gold wings today

    For one day only, you can have your fried poultry dipped in 24 Karat gold at Popeyes restaurants nationwide. The Louisiana chicken chain is celebrating its 3,000th store opening with 24 Karat Champagne Wings, the company announced Thursday. The latest restaurant opened in Elizabeth, N.J. Popeyes is breaking out the champagne and using it to hand batter their boneless chicken wings before tossing them in edible 24 Karat gold flakes, to celebrate the milestone. You only have today to purchase […]