Michael is an Emmy-winning investigative reporter for FOX43. Do you have a tip? Don’t hesitate to email him at mhyland@fox43.com.

Why news?
It’s hard to beat a job where every day is different and often unpredictable. It’s great to talk to so many different people in a given day and share their stories. The constant change definitely keeps things from getting boring!

My favorite things:
Watching TV (especially game shows), browsing through book stores, going to the movies. I really like to travel and want to make it to all 50 states eventually.

Something not everyone knows about me:
When I was a kid, I got a black belt in karate. But, that was a long time ago…

What keeps me going:

My favorite TV memory:
It’s actually not news-related at all. In the summer of 2011, I finally got the chance to fulfill a dream and go to a taping of The Price is Right. My family went with me to L.A. We got in line at four in the morning and had a great time. I didn’t get picked to play, but we sat next to Contestants Row and were on TV a lot!

TV moment I’d like to forget
While getting ready to go on air one night, the camera that was on me accidentally got punched up during the commercial break before the show. So, I was on air for a good 20 seconds or so just chatting with another guy in the studio. I’m very lucky I didn’t say anything I would regret.

If I had free time, I would…
Write a book, probably a thriller of some kind. It can be tough to find the exact kind of book you’re looking for sometimes. So, I figure maybe I should write that book one day.

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    John McCain responds to Donald Trump’s comments questioning heroism

    TALLAHASSEE, Florida (CNN) — Bipartisan elected officials from the White House all the way to the wide open Republican primary field are using incendiary comments from Donald Trump to praise former prisoner-of-war Sen. John McCain. Jeb Bush broke from his prepared remarks of a policy speech Monday to declare that McCain is a “real hero,” as Donald Trump insists that he owes no apology to McCain for questioning the Arizona senator’s military heroism. Trump, who’s experienced a bump in the […]

  • Lorenzo Johnson

    20-year-old murder case subject of court hearing in Harrisburg

    A Dauphin County judge held a hearing Thursday related to a 20-year-old murder case in Harrisburg, in which the convicted killers are seeking to have their convictions overturned. Corey Walker and Lorenzo Johnson were convicted of first-degree murder in the shooting death of Tarajay Williams. In 2012, a federal appeals court released Johnson from prison, saying the evidence to convict him wasn’t strong enough. The U.S. Supreme Court ordered him back to prison five months later. Since then, the men […]

  • Proposal: Abolish Turnpike Commission

    Rarely used Pa. Turnpike call boxes could be phased out

    Every time you drive onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike, you see a reminder that they’re there. More than a thousand call boxes line the highway, ready in case you have an emergency. You pull the cover down, push the button that corresponds with the issue you’re having, and then someone drives to your location to deal with it. If that sounds antiquated, it is. “Before we used to rely a lot on the call boxes, and now we rely probably 99 percent […]

  • Pa. veteran aims to curb suicides through medical marijuana

    In recent years, more veterans have committed suicide each year here in the United States than have died in combat overseas. Mike Whiter, who served in Iraq about a decade ago, is aiming to change that. “For like five years, I wouldn’t leave my house. I was so messed up on pills and kind of afraid. I was just in a bad place,” Whiter said. He was in the second wave of soldiers who went to Iraq. Not long after […]

  • UPDATE: Police standoff ends peacefully in Harrisburg

    UPDATE: The suspect surrendered peacefully to police Thursday night, just before midnight. Police identified him as D’Andre Chism. Police used flash bangs and cut off power along Reel Street in an effort to get the man to come outside. Police thanked the community for their help with the case. Previously: HARRISBURG, Pa. — Police are engaged in a standoff with a suspect believed to be tied to a fatal shooting in the city earlier in the day. Harrisburg Police Chief […]

  • Gov. Wolf vetoes budget bill

    With hours to go until the new fiscal year begins, Gov. Tom Wolf (D) announced late Tuesday he’ll veto the entire budget bill the Republican-led legislature passed earlier in the day. “I am truly sorry that we are at this place,” Wolf said. “I have worked hard over the last three months to work with Republicans to open lines of communications with them, I’ve reached out to forge agreements, I have offered concessions, I have kept an open mind. And […]

  • House and senate pass a budget plan that Gov. Corbett will not sign

    Timothy Reese confirmed as new Pa. Treasurer

    The Pennsylvania Senate confirmed Timothy Reese as the state’s new treasurer Friday by a vote of 48-1. Gov. Tom Wolf (D) nominated Reese a couple months after former Treasurer Rob McCord resigned and pleaded guilty in a federal extortion case. McCord admitted to trying to use his position as treasurer to get campaign donations in his failed bid for governor last year. Reese, 51, is from Montgomery County. He’s a businessman and investor. He launched the National Minority Angel Network […]

  • Hanover business stops selling Confederate flag

    HANOVER, Pa. – Quinn Flags and Banners LLC has been in business since 1994. “We started by selling stock flags. American flags, historical flags, military, state and country flags. That’s the core group of stock flags,” said general manager Ryan Halvorsen. The Confederate flag is one of the originals that they sold, but the company will not be selling it anymore. Quinn Flags announced Wednesday morning that in light of the recent tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina, a full ban […]

  • Palmyra residents urge borough council to fix sinkhole

    PALMYRA, Pa. – Community members have a sinking feeling about when a sinkhole in their neighborhood will be fixed. Residents near Cherry and Grant streets in Palmyra, Lebanon County, say they’re tired of being passed over, because there’s a sinkhole that has not been fully fixed, and they say it’s becoming an eyesore. “The other infrastructure they’re talking about, a fire house, they’re talking about re-paving streets, fixing other sinkholes, we want to know where our sinkhole issues fit in those […]

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