Rachel Yonkunas is an Emmy-nominated reporter who joined the FOX43 News team in June 2019 as an investigative reporter and co-anchor of FOX43 News at 10pm.

Prior to moving to Pennsylvania, Rachel worked at WFSB in her home state of Connecticut, WTEN in New York, and WTVY in Alabama. She also traveled internationally, delivering reports on foreign policy relations between the U.S. and China.

Rachel was nominated for a New York Emmy Award for her special report on school safety. The story highlighted a Massachusetts-based company that designed a product to delay forced-entry at schools across the nation. It featured a memorable interview with a Sandy Hook Elementary School first grade teacher who saved the lives of her fifteen students during the nation’s deadliest mass school shooting.

Rachel feels privileged to tell stories that bear witness to history. Her favorite aspect of news reporting is bringing light to issues that serve the public. Most notably, Rachel’s investigation into the implementation of Common Core academic standards helped to spark a statewide overhaul of the controversial curriculum in New York. Rachel also exposed dangerously high PFOA levels in a community’s drinking water that prompted a federal response, covered the rollout of medical and recreational marijuana laws, and pulled 9 G’s in an F-16 jet with the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds.

Rachel graduated Cum Laude at the University of Tampa. She is both thrilled to call Central Pennsylvania home and excited to immerse herself in its vibrant and culturally-rich community.

Recent Articles
  • FOX43 Reveals: Recycling Realities

    SOUTH CENTRAL Pa.—Recycling operations in Pennsylvania are in jeopardy. Materials that have not been properly cleaned out and trash are contaminating the recycling stream, costing taxpayers more money and sending more recycled items to the landfill. The Department of Environmental Protection plans to go through our trash to see what we are recycling and what we should be throwing out.  If you haven’t looked at recycling beyond taking out your blue bin, FOX43 Reveals a glimpse of what happens after […]

  • FOX43 Reveals: How pharmacists and a grassroots movement are taking on the opioid crisis

    CENTRAL Pa.— A previously unreleased government database reveals that more than three billion prescription pain pills flooded Pennsylvania pharmacies between 2006 and 2012. Families impacted by the opioid crisis are demanding accountability for the epidemic that led to hundreds of thousands of deaths. FOX43 Reveals what’s being done to curb opioid prescription rates and tackle addiction. Lisa Green, of Middletown, is celebrating 21 months in recovery from substance use disorder. She now uses her experience to help others at an […]

  • FOX43 Reveals: How hundreds of millions of prescription pain pills flooded local pharmacies

    CENTRAL Pa.— We are learning just how many prescription pain pills were shipped to pharmacies in South Central Pennsylvania at the height of the opioid epidemic. Through a court order by the Washington Post and a federal judge’s decision, a database maintained by the Drug Enforcement Administration that tracks the path of every pain pill shipped to pharmacies nationwide has been made public. FOX43 Reveals how hundreds of millions of pain pills, like oxycodone and hydrocodone, flooded our pharmacies and […]

  • FOX43 Reveals: A new initiative to prevent child from committing arson

    YORK COUNTY, Pa. – A new program has emerged out of the York County District Attorney’s Office to prevent a child from becoming a young arsonist. Fires set by children are a problem nationwide. FOX43 Reveals how close to home this is happening. With more than 30 years in law enforcement, Detective Donnie Hopple is spearheading the county’s first fire prevention program called York County Fire, Injury Reduction, and Education Program, or Y-CO FIRE. “Throughout the course of my career, […]

  • FOX43 Reveals: A common culprit of house fires we wouldn’t suspect

    YORK COUNTY, Pa. – Investigators are warning about a common culprit of house fires that we would have never suspected: aquariums. FOX43 Reveals how quickly they can start a fire in your home. York County’s new fire investigator Detective Donnie Hopple, and a fire crew, showed FOX43 Reveals a controlled fire by simulating a power strip malfunction. They constructed a room with wall-to-wall carpeting, a comfy couch, a wooden chair, and your average high-back chair. A blanket caught fire and […]

  • FOX43 Reveals: Homemade guns turning up at crime scenes

    YORK, Pa. – As law enforcement agencies in Pennsylvania crack down on gun violence, they are encountering a new problem: homemade, unregistered firearms. These do-it-yourself firearms, commonly referred to as “ghost guns,” are made from parts bought online, allowing owners to bypass a background check and registration requirements. FOX43 Reveals what police are doing to track seemingly untraceable firearms in their communities. Sergeant Jason Jay with York City Police heads the department’s four-member Gun Violence Intervention Program, known as the […]

  • FOX43 Reveals: Survivors of Clergy Abuse vs. Catholic Church Lobbying Dollars

    HARRISBURG, Pa. – Survivors of clergy sexual abuse are up against big money in politics as they push for criminal and justice reform. A recent report showed the Catholic Church spent $10.6 million lobbying in northeast states since 2011. FOX43 Reveals how much money the Church paid out to lobby lawmakers in Pennsylvania, fighting bills that would have helped child sexual abuse survivors like the Fortney sisters. The five Fortney sisters have gone public with their story of childhood sexual […]

  • FOX43 Reveals: Bullying by the Numbers

    CENTRAL PA — The Pennsylvania Safe Schools Act was amended nearly a decade ago to help school districts create a safe and bully-free environment.  Under the law, all schools are required to report back to the state on the number of bullying cases they investigate. As FOX43 reveals, the numbers do not seem to add up in dozens of districts. Every three years, Pennsylvania schools are required to update their anti-bullying policies. At Mechanicsburg Area Middle School, a new school […]

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