Hello! Born and raised in Harrisburg, I am thrilled to be broadcasting in my hometown market. Keep in mind, it took nearly 11 years and 5 states to make my way home to Central Pennsylvania…

In 2002, I graduated from Susquehanna Township High School and traveled to the state of Indiana where I quickly adapted to being a ‘Hoosier!’ At IU, I studied Broadcast Journalism and Theater and Drama. While in college, I interned in the Big Apple for Fox 5 “Good Day New York” and “Inside Edition.” After earning my Bachelor’s degree, I headed to the Northwoods of Wisconsin where I made my first mark in TV News. In addition to anchoring and reporting, I hosted a memorable segment called, “Reservations with Rebecca,” featuring popular restaurants and tempting foods within the area. From Wisconsin, I broadcasted in Toledo, OH, Knoxville, TN and most recently, Elmira, NY.

Some fun facts about me as a Journalist: I interviewed Brian Williams, Dr. Oz, Alex Trebek, and country stars Dierks Bentley, Eric Church and Little Big Town (to name a few). I am also a proud member of the National Federation of Press Women. I won a first place NFPW award for my exclusive interview with Dr. Oz on Male Body Image.

Some more fun facts about me: My pet child, Rizzo, is a spoiled rescue dog! She’s a 10 pound mini poodle crossed with spaniel and even some lab. I am a firm believer in helping to find homeless animals forever homes. I live a gluten free lifestyle which is actually not as hard as you may think because many chocolates are GF certified!! My hobbies include cooking, shopping, traveling, diving into a good novel and watching the latest hits on the big screen and stage. Running, spinning and circuit training are my favorite fitness activities. I ran a half-marathon in Rochester and hope to run more in the future! I am also an avid philanthropist who enjoys volunteering in spare time.

Now, I’d love to hear from you! If you’re wondering why I interviewed Brian Williams, want to find out more about Rizzo, or if you know of any tasty GF venues or recipes, feel free to email, tweet or facebook me!

Recent Articles
  • Hot air balloon rider reacts to accident that electrically shocked 3 people

    We’re learning more about a hot air balloon crash in Lancaster County, that left three people with serious electric shock injuries. Sarah Kreider expected her first hot air balloon ride last year to be much different.  She says, “I thought it was going to be rough and get motion sickness, but there were no problems at all, it was a smooth ride.” Kreider says she felt calm under pilot, Bob Fisher.  “He was at ease, calm, explained going up and when to […]

  • Cumberland County man overcomes unexpected paralysis

    A Cumberland County Man is overcoming all odds, one step at a time.  Over a year ago, he underwent surgery.  When he woke up, he was physically disabled and couldn’t even stand up.  But his support helped him get back on his feet. Getting back to another school year as facilities manager at East Pennsboro Schools hasn’t been easy. “One day you’re walking, the next day you’re not,” says Preston Brandt. In January of last year, Brandt’s spinal cord disease […]

  • Property tax elimination group hopes billboard is a sign of relief

    Members of the Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition purchased a billboard that’s creating a buzz in Harrisburg.  It targets Senate and House Bills 76, which would eliminate school property taxes in PA. Proponents of property tax elimination see the billboard along the Capital Beltway on I-83 as a sign of relief. It’s between exits 44 and 43, heading South. PTCC member, Jim Rodkey says, “It’s going to make it easier for you to stay in your home, it’s also going to […]

  • Vaping Shop in York County warns of dangers of FDA regulated vapes

    More and more people are giving up their tobacco filled cigarettes for flavorful electric cigarettes or vaporizers.  But could the switch cause more harm?  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration thinks so, which is why they’re planning to place regulations on the E-cigs. Karen Mobley’s vaping business has been bustling since she opened her shop in Red Lion a year ago. She says, “I think a lot more people are getting into it because of the health benefits that we […]

  • Target’s move towards gender-neutral store draws attention in Central PA

    YORK TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Parents, you may need to give yourself extra time to shop for your child’s next birthday present.  Target is moving away from gender-based signage in the toys and electronics departments.  Historically, Target used signs to help customers find products faster. Kindergarten kids at the JCC’s summer program have a large toy selection to choose from. JCC early childhood director, Heather Miller, says, “Children are individuals and if they want to play with trucks or dress up, […]

  • Holocaust survivor spends most of life searching for liberator

    Philadelphia — A Pennsylvania man spent a majority of his life searching for the person who saved his.  He’s a Holocaust survivor.  His parents and siblings were killed under the Nazi regime.  Moments before he would have died, something miraculous happened.  FOX43’s Rebecca Solomon and photojournalist Anthony Grove sit down with the survivor who explains how his miracle is a person he’ll never forget. Ernie Gross recalls his experience in the early 1940’s.  “Before they locked the door, they gave […]

  • KANE

    Should Kane be impeached or should she step down?

    Harrisburg, Pa — Some Pennsylvania lawmakers say Thursday’s charges against Attorney General Kathleen Kane have triggered her impeachment.  Some say now that she’s been charged, they’ll carry out what’s called an impeachment resolution.  But not everyone’s on board to bring down the AG. Republican State Representative, Stephen Bloom, of Cumberland County, says Kane either needs to step down or be removed from office.  Bloom is a co-sponsor of an impeachment resolution to remove Kane from office. “We have to think about […]

  • Healing powers stitched into ‘Prayer Shawls’

    CAMP HILL, Pa. — The women of the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church spread support in the form of a shawl. These women of the ministry give up hundreds of hours to knit “Prayer Shawls” to give to those who are grieving. Among them, is Mildred Stauffer. Mildred has been knitting for almost 90 years. The 95-year-old prides herself on the near-perfect quality of her work. “I make very few mistakes and if I do, that does to the side, I always have two on the go”. This may come as […]

  • Cumberland County man fighting fires and fighting cancer

    CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa.– Greg Bretzman is no stranger to life-threatening situations. He is a third-generation firefighter who has been serving his community for years. But now, he has to take on an even bigger battle. Greg has been diagnosed with kidney cancer. The 53-year old says his kidney, along with the tumor, have been removed but the stage IV cancer still remains, along with heart and lung problems. Through it all, Greg remains high-spirited. “It’s the point of being able to help people and you know you’re doing something […]

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