Sandusky Seeks to Change Prison Accommodations, Prepares for Appeal

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Convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky met with his legal team Friday at Greene State Prison, telling his attorneys he had some concerns about his accommodations at the prison but was working to prepare his appeal.

Attorney Karl Rominger said though Sandsuky is classified as a level 2 offender, he’s housed with level 5 inmates, such as those on death row or who have demonstrated violence toward prison officials.

Rominger said Sandsuky is alone 23 hours a day. He’s allowed two phone calls per month. He has a TV and access to the law library.

“He would like to have less isolation. While he understands they have concerns for his safety and appreciates that, at the same time he feels it would be much better for him if, in the long run, he could have more contact,” said Rominger. “People can quarrel all they want about, is a sex offender worth this sort of treatment or that sort of treatment. But, all he’s saying is treat me like every other sex offender.”

He added Sandsuky’s team will try to work with the prison warden to address some of Sandsuky’s concerns.

Rominger said Sandsuky is using his time to research and prepare to return to court to try to appeal his conviction on 45 counts related to child molestation.

“He’s dismayed that he was convicted. His demeanor is much better. His spirit is back. And, he is once again ready to fight,” Rominger said.

A judge is due to take up the case in Centre County next month. Rominger says among the key issues Sandusky’s team will discuss will be the amount of time attorneys had to prepare.

Rominger argues Sandusky should have had more time, not less, than Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, two former PSU administrators charged with covering up Sandusky’s crimes.

“As you’ve noticed, Curley and Schultz are still awaiting trial, which is probably not going to happen for a very long time. Yet, Mr. Sandusky couldn’t get one continuance,” Rominger said.

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  • CToersbijns

    In my 25 years of correctional experience I have never made any accommodations for any prisoner.. These are in reality, prison conditions and you need to deal with them and learn how to live cope and function in this setting or go crazy.. Accommodations are made in hotels and bed and breakfast places not prisons.

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