Bringing Cpl. Matthew Hanes home

People in York County are coming together to bring home Army Cpl. Matthew Hanes.  On June 23, the 21-year-old soldier was severely wounded when he was shot while serving in Afghanistan. “He was shot in the neck, it came out his right shoulder, which shattered his vertebrae one and two and his spinal cord. So he is paralyzed from the chest down. He has no movement in his fingers,” says Matthew’s mother Chris Hanes. She is currently helping with his care at the VA hospital in Tampa, which has a special unit for spinal injuries.

His family, friends and the community are working hard to make his parents’ home handicap accessible. “When I talked to Matthew he wanted to come home so I knew I had to make it a handicap accessible facility for him,” says Matthew’s father Lee Hanes.

Matthew’s uncle, Jim Staley, owner of Jim Staley Building and Remodeling is helping with the project,”The original garage is being turned into an efficiency apartment for him which will be all wheelchair accessible and the bathroom will be wheelchair accessible. The new garage just put on is just set up for his handicap van. There will be an elevator going to the basement where the Army has donated some exercise equipment. There will be a sling system above his bed to get him in and out of bed.”

You can make a donation for CPL Matthew Hanes at any M&T Bank branch or make a check payable to “NESD Heartwarming Fund”- NESD, 41 Harding St., Manchester, PA , 17345. Donations can also go to the Northeastern Helping Hand Fund through Northeastern School District.