Comcast pulls plug on gun-related ads

Comcast is joining a growing list of companies that have pulled the plug on gun and gun-related advertisements. Comcast acquired NBC Universal this month which prompted the change. Chris Ellis Senior Director of Communications with Comcast Spotlight provided this statement: “Consistent with long-standing NBC policies, Comcast Spotlight has decided it will not accept new advertising for firearms or weapons moving forward.  This policy aligns us with the guidelines in place at many media organizations.”

The decision is getting mixed reaction.

“I think it’s unfortunate, I’m an NRA member and I own guns,” said Stuart Rinehart. “I’m just a strong gun supporter and we have the right to the Second Amendment and it’s our freedom so that’s why it really upsets me about that. I think it’s going to hurt business. It’s going to affect me with Comcast business I’ll probably switch to DirecTV or Dish Network.”

Helena Pannell of York thinks it’s a good idea to ban gun-related ads. “It’s a good thing because I have a brother who died from gun violence. I think it would be way positive for my kids not to see it. A lot of kids that are one and up actually do the hand gestures and want to play so I think it’s a lot better not to show them at all.”

Companies with similar policies in place, like Google, they say they don’t want to promote devices designed to cause serious harm or injury. This includes guns, gun parts, ammunition, knives, throwing stars, and more.

Here are links to companies who already have similar policies in place:

Fox Broadcasting