Woman attacked during home invasion robbery in Perry County

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State police are searching for pair of robbers who attacked a woman during a home invasion in Perry County early Monday morning. The victim answered an knock at her door around 2:30 a.m. along the first block of Mauk Drive in Salville Township.

A woman was standing outside and distracted the victim by engaging her in a  conversation . As they were speaking–a man came out from behind the bushes and both suspects forced their way inside the home. One of the suspects held the victim down and assaulted her while the other ransacked the place, troopers said.

The suspects got away with a gun, money and jewelry.

Anyone who has information is asked to contact state police at 717-567-3110.


  • guest

    Thats aweful! She shoul have shot them with the gun instead of having them rob it from her. On another note its SAVILLE Township… not SALVILLE.

    • Guest

      It's "SHOULD" not shoul…… if you're going to be a dictionary be consistent.
      She could have shot them with a gun BUT unless you were in her shoes you don't know if you would have had time to get to it. What if she had it with her …. who knows if they could have taken it. There are many different ways that could have played out.
      To many what if's to judge someone. Hope she is ok and they find the jerks.

  • guest

    Really strange for someone from Perry County to answer that door unprotected. No one that I know from there would have done that.

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