Four day Outdoorsman Show kicks off in Cumberland County

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Many people are still upset over the cancellation of the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show. Local radio station WQLV 98.9 kicked off the 4-day Outdoorsman Show in Cumberland County, hoping to fill the void.

This is the first year for the American Outdoorsman Sport Show. The idea came when organizers saw a big void that needed filled from the cancelled Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show after they banned certain guns, ammunition and clips.

Ric Cooper, a show promoter, says, “It’s not just about the hunting and the guns, it’s anybody that enjoys the outdoors. and anybody that feels we should stand up for our second amendment right to bear arms.”

“We missed, they cancelled the outdoor show at the farm show so we thought it would be something good to go to. I go every year so it was a disapointment for me,” said Ken Krach and his son, of Harrisburg.

They have lined up over 90 vendors, demonstrations and celebrities for the event.

This year would have been Robert Hart’s, of Hart Long Range Rifles, 33rd year at the Outdoor Show. The cancellation cost him over $100,000. “When I heard what was going on I was badly sickened in my heart because like I say the Harrisburg show is a way of life for a lot of people they rely on the show to get through the year,” said Hart.

Some good news for Ric Cooper though, he said,” We just got word from the farm show that we made it to the next level that we are one of the finalists to present to the board of commissioners and the people at the farm show that make the decision on who will be hosting an outdoor show at the farm show next February 16th.”

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  • Scott Potts

    Well you could have at least listed the dates and times and costs of this show… That would be some good information to have…LOL

    • Lost Larry

      And the location….since 'Cumberland County' is over 551 square miles. No mention anywhere as to where the event is even located. I tried watching the video 3 times but after the 30 second commercial, it crashes.

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