“Amish Mafia Tour” aims to disprove show’s claims

Discovery Channel’s hit “Amish Mafia” bills itself as a reality show, but local historian Brad Igou says it’s anything but real – and he can prove it.

Igou is opening a new attraction called the “Amish Mafia Tour” that will show visitors the shooting locations.

Much of the show was shot on the farm of the Silverstone Inn just off of Route 30, including the barn that housed main character Lebanon Levi’s office.

“The tractor is still here, this is the same desk that was here. The hay bales, pretty much everything else. We want people to see a lot of the locations were completely fabricated by the production company,” Igou said.

Igou said his ultimate goal with the tour is setting the record straight about how the show portrays Amish life.

“The things that are created and stated about Amish life, we want to look at those and say, ‘is there a grain of truth in them?’ We’re trying to have people come away with a much deeper understanding of who the Amish are,” he said.

The Amish Mafia Tour starts in May and runs through October.