Local News

York County woman starts “Give Moore” to donate to people in Oklahoma

Locally, a York County woman needs your help as she gathers food, and medical supplies for people in Oklahoma.  She started her own drive called, “Give Moore “.     The images coming out of Moore, Oklahoma are horrific. Many there, lost everything . That’s why Jennifer Runkle contacted a church just miles away to see what they needed. From there, she took to Facebook and created,  “ Give Moore”.  In  just a few days her family and friends dropping various supplies off at her home.

“ I could not imagine coming down this street and not seeing my home. I could not imagine that. It`s horrifying,” says Runkle.

Runkle will be collecting items for the next few weeks and every Friday she’ll ship all of the items to Oklahoma.

“ I just had this calling in me I was just like I have to help this people.”

If you’d like to help you can email Jennifer Runkle and she will come to your house and you can give her the supplies to ship to Oklahoma :



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