Red Lion man wanted in bank robbery

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Red Lion Wells Fargo 6-18-2013

Police say they know who robbed the Wells Fargo Bank in Red Lion yesterday, and that the suspect lives on the same block as the bank. James Austin Stuller, 36, of 46 North Main Street, Red Lion, is wanted for knocking over the bank located at 1 North Main Street just before 5pm. Police say the suspect handed the teller a handwritten note demanding money.
Investigators were quickly led to Stuller, who fled before officers arrived at his residence.

Stuller tore off in a 1998 blue Ford Windstar minivan, license plate GTM-4198. Police say he was possibly headed to the Baltimore area.  Investigators have obtained a warrant for Stuller’s arrest and anyone with information as to his location is asked to contact York Area Regional Police at 717-741-1259.


  • Super User

    Give this guy a hand! Not applause, an actual hand since he is missing one according to a rival news source

  • MyTakeOnIt

    What a doof. Rob a bank a block from where you live. And if he only has one hand that makes him eligible for one of the dumbest criminals ever. he could only move up to the top of that list if he hadn't worn sunglasses. Wearing a winter coat less than a week before summer. Probably his own that he wore a hundred times last winter.

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